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    Enemy of the Black Knight, Bloodwraith enjoys taking lives, including innocent ones.

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    Sean Dolan was orphaned in his youth, the Irish youngster befriend the Black Knight after the aforementioned rescued Sean from a fall. The young Irishman would go on to assist and aid the heroic figures such as Black Knight as well as Captain Britain in various capacities now and then, even having to post bail for Black Knight on one occasion. Before taking the Ebony Blade, Dolan was an amateur swordsman and Black Knight's squire. When Arabian wizards tried to steal the Ebony Blade Sean Dolan took the Ebony Blade and the souls that were killed by the sword took over and Sean Dolan became Bloodwraith. Once he took the blade his swordsmanship increased. He quickly defeated the theives. Since he was evil, the Avengers and Black Knight came and fought him. The fight eventually ended up to be between Black Knight and Bloodwraith until Bloodwraith fled on Valinor.


    Bloodwraith is a Marvel comics character. Sean Dolan was created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Tony DeZuniga and Mark Gruenwald and first appeared in Black Knight issue 2 (1990). The characters' transformation into Bloodwraith occurred in Avengers Annual issue 22 (1993). The creators of Bloodwraith are Glenn Herdling, Mike Gustovich, Ariane Lenshoek.

    Major Story Arcs

    Bloodwraith Again

    Sean Dolan was back in his human form, feeling to guilty to return to Black Knight. When he saw a robbery in progress, he drew the Ebony Blade and transformed into Bloodwraith again. He murdered one of the criminals when Deadpool and Black Knight came. The three fought until Deadpool stole the Ebony Blade and teleported away. Bloodwraith teleported after. He reclaimed the sword, but couldn't drain Deedpool's life force due to the blade being full. Dolan was living at Aran Island hoping to find a way to become rid of the curse. When he drew his sword to throw it into the ocean, he transformed into Bloodwraith. He sensed somebody who wanted the sword. He rode to that person who turned out to be Namor. Namor and Bloodwraith fought until Bloodwraith was proven stronger. Bloodwraith killed Namor. Namor was trapped inside the sword and had to fight the evil souls within the blade. The good and evil souls fought and the good won and Bloodwraith's good side, Sean Dolan, was free, Namor returned to life, and Namor took the Ebony Blade.

    The Ebony Blade was trapped within the Negative Zone and Sean rode to the Avenger's and collapsed on arrival. The Avengers examined him, and Sean drew Proctor's Ebony Blade. Dolan became a new Bloodwraith, more skeletal and even Valinor. He fought the Avengers and when Vision threatened to destroy the original Ebony Blade, Bloodwraith took his original blade and retreated.

    Sean now had hoped to do something good, so he joined a volunteer mission to Slorenia to help rebuild it. The Ebony Blade called to him and he finally drew the sword and then used the sword to steel the souls of Slorenians and Shield agents that were slaughtered by Ultron. The Avengers came in hoping of stopping Bloodwraith, but he was too powerful. So the Scarlet Witch used a spell that would bind Bloodwraith to the Slorenian soil. Now he can never leave. SHIELD set up borders around Slorenia and Bloodwraith retreated deep within Slorenia.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bloodwraith wields the Ebony Blade that the Gather known as the Proctor owned (Proctor is Dane Whitman in a different timeline). He also can control the blade with telekinetic powers. He can teleport to the Ebony Blade and have the Ebony Blade teleport to him. Bloodwraith can sense the Ebony Blade. He can steal souls of those that the blade cuts. After the Ebony Blade accidentally absorbed the souls of countless Slorenian victims when Dolan was doing voluntary humanitarian work, he grew incredibly large, mindless and his powers likewise exponentially increased. At this level Bloodwraith's strength and durability were incalculable and the Avengers of that time could not seem to stop him.

    Physical Characteristics (Normal)

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Hair: Reddish Blond

    Eyes: Blue

    Physical Characteristics (Giant)

    Height: 100'

    Weight: Unrevealed

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Red


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