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    A top secret group working as part of Project: Born Again. Members were resurrected after death, each time with heightened strength. The team was dismantled after Cabbot was reborn as Bloodstrike, but has been rebuilt several times.

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    Bloodstrike was created by Rob Liefeld and first appeared in Bloodstrike #1 in 1993.

    Team History

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    The first lineup had Cabbot (brother of Battlestone) as leader with the other members being Fourplay, Deadlock, Shogun, and Tag. Their first mission involved them going to G.A.T.E facility to kill Commander Corben. Later on in the team's history the government added Chapel to the team (the only living member on the team). It was during Chapel's time as a Bloodstrike member when he shot himself in the head when he learned Al Simmons had come back from the dead as a Hellspawn. Over time it was revealed that Noble, the teams government supervisor, was revealed to be a member of the cyborg conspiracy, The Covenant of the Sword. After Noble's death all of Bloodstrike met their demise, all except Cabbot who was renamed Bloodstrike.

    Cabbot's tenure as Bloodstrike was overseen by Mars Gunther, who destroyed all evidence of Project: Born Again's existence, and had Cabbot's memory wiped in an effort to abolish the Youngblood program and replace them with government-controlled assassins. Eventually, Cabbot Stone learned of his true identity, and tried to bring Mars Gunther to justice. In an effort to plead for his life, Gunther revealed his ace in the whole: he had been keeping the bodies of the rest of the Bloodstrike team hidden, and using experimental Nu-Gene Radiation, managed to resurrect them for one last mission alongside Cabbot. The mission was a success, but the unstable radiation killed the recently-revived assassins, much to Cabbot's initial dismay.


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