Bloodshot » 52 issues

    Volume » Published by Valiant/Acclaim. Started in 1993.

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    The original series was written by Kevin VanHook and drawn by Don Perlin. The premiere issue featured the first, "Chromium" comic book cover, which greatly enhanced its collectibility.

    Mobster Angelo Mortalli was framed by the Carboni crime family, forcing him to become a witness for the state. While under Federal protection, Mortalli was betrayed by his protectors and sold to Hideyoshi Iwatsu to become a test subject for Project Rising Spirit. Mortalli's memories of his former life were erased when his bloodstream was infused with microscopic computers called nanites. The empirically-enhanced man, now code-named "Bloodshot" escaped from the secret labs of Project Rising Spirit with the aid of Geomancer Geoff McHenry, completely unaware of his former identity. Bloodshot now spends his time finding out about his old life and takes revenge on those who took it away from him.

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