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    Past members of the Bloodshot project.

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    The squad consists of former participants of PRS's Bloodshot Program. All of whom were eventually retired and put on ice at the artificially created habitat known as Bloodshot Island, a hot bed for their experimental weapons tests. Many of the team consists of soldiers and trained fighters who were indoctrinated into the project during the height of every major war fought throughout human history, from Vietnam to the cold war reaching all the way to WWII.

    All past Bloodshots had their augmentations upgraded once upon making their way to the island where they'ed been marooned on. To serve as yet another testing phase for Rising Spirit's newest WMD based on technology far superior to their own; Deathmate.

    The most recent edition to the team came in the form of the current Bloodshot Ray Garrison. Who had ties with his new adversary in another life when she was the Geomancer, after the project had scrapped the Island causing it to sink into the ocean the B-Squad managed to sail out to safety on a makeshift raft. Wandering into open ocean and trading stories until their rescue by MI-6 operative: Ninjak.


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