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The Good

Every new issue of BLOODSHOT feels like a brand new scene for a blockbuster action movie.  Your senses are overloaded with awesomeness and before you know it, you're raving about the moment with your friends and then anticipating the next part.  This comes as a double edged sword, though.  While each chapter feels like a roller coaster, the ride is a bit short and leaves you waiting in line before you can go on the ride again. Because of this, some might prefer to get their fill all at once when it's released in trades, but it's hardly something to really hold against the title. 
"Action blockbuster movie? But I hated Transformers!"  Fret not, this is pure popcorn entertainment with brains! Behind the blood, stabbing, shooting and more blood, there's actually a legitimately interesting mystery. Writer Duane Swierczynski has effectively pulled me into Bloodshot's twisted world and made me care for the man.  I want him to discover who he is.  I want him to find happiness.  But along the way, I wouldn't mind seeing him get shot a few dozen more times or so because, despite caring for the guy, artists Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi do an amazing job putting Bloodshot through the meat grinder.  Speaking of art, the panels where Bloodshot is "sleeping" look spectacular and provided a nice contrast to the often dark book.  The visual aid for fixing his brain was a really offbeat treat as well.  
I love seeing how Swierczynski continues to use the nanites in new ways.  The issue is so often filled with blunt action that it's a nice change of pace when Bloodshot shows off fresh and intellectual ways to utilize his abilities. I'm new to the Valiant universe so this is my first time meeting Chainsaw and this first appearance is certainly more than enough to have me intrigued.  While they're less technologically advanced than our anti-hero, they look quite fearsome and appear to offer a wide array of specialties. So, here's hoping Bloodshot doesn't find a way to make short work of them. 

The Bad 

Like I previously said, BLOODSHOT does indeed feel like a relatively short read compared to other titles.  Because of this, some of you might prefer to wait for a trade.  Also, while this does technically begin a new story arc, I wouldn't exactly call it the friendliest jumping on point.  This story is a direct continuation of previous events.  While you gain all of the information required in the opening summary, it just doesn't match the experience of reading the first four issues for yourself. 

Ready for the most minor complaint ever?  The panel of the fellow gruesomely stabbed in the head looks great, but why would Bloodshot leave his knife in "Hutch's" skull?  His attack wasn't going as planned, so I imagine he'd realize he's going to need every weapon possible.  Bloodshot clearly has superhuman strength (remember that time he snapped a dude's arm off? I sure do), so it's not like he couldn't easily withdraw the blade.    

The Verdict 

If you're looking for an action heavy title, it really doesn't get much better than BLOODSHOT.  It has been consistently brutal, delivers occasional laughs to help lighten the tone and is slowly picking apart the pieces to a large and honestly interesting conspiracy.  One of these days I might dislike an issue, but until then, Duane & company continue to keep delivering the goods and I simply cannot praise this book enough. Don't hesitate, go give it a shot, action junkies.

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