Character » Bloodshed appears in 22 issues.

    Formerly petty criminal caught by Spider-Man, took on armored and super-strong identity, twice encountered Spider-Man in his efforts to avoid death at the hands of his criminal employers.

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    Bloodshed owed Phillipe Bazin one million dollars. Spider-Man managed to beat him with the help of Bloodshed's brother, Ricky.  Even after Bazin disappeared the mob's successors still attempted to take him out in prison. They tried using poison gas and even sniper fire from a helicopter.  His brother convinced him to testify against the mob and be relocated and protected by the cops. The only condition was he wanted Spider-Man to help protect him.

    When he was being escorted to testify, the mob attacked under the command of Nico, one of Bazin's lieutenants. Spider-Man stopped them from succeeding. When taken to a different hotel than they planned to take him it was obvious that Nico had connections in the police department because Wyndell's costume was waiting there with a note telling him to meet him man to man. Bloodshed escaped the custody of the police and Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man found Nico first but Bloodshed was close behind. Nico escaped and blew up the building with previously rigged explosives in an attempt to kill both of them. Unknown to Spider-Man, Bloodshed survived and escaped.   


    Bloodshed was created by Kurt Busiek and Steven Butler in 1991 and first appeared in Web of Spider-Man # 81. 

    Story Arcs

    Civil War

    Bloodshed encountered the Heroes for Hire during the Civil War saga when he tries to get a new identity, passport, drivers license and plane ticket to leave the country from Vienna. Bloodshed along with other criminals that oppose the Registration Act included: Grindhouse, Shockwave, Goldbug, Equinox, Ghost Maker, Kogar and Shadow Slasher. They would clash with the Heroes for Hire and eventually be defeated.    

    Dark Reign

    Bloodshed is currently working for the Hood and his gang. Bloodshed and other members of the Hood's gang including White Rabbit, Speed Demon, the Squid, Lightmaster and the Answer would go to war with Mister Negative over various operations in Chinatown. Bloodshed and other members of the Hood's gang come knocking on Mister Negative's headquarters and engage his Inner Demons. The fight is fierce until the Spot teleports the Inner Demons away but Mr. Negative comes up with a contingency plan. He corrupts Spider Man and uses him to wipe the floor with Bloodshed and the rest of his teammates.   

    Powers and Abilities

    Bloodshed has super durable skin capable of deflecting bullets. When the building fell on top of him he admitted he would have survived but would have suffocated from the rubble.  Bloodshed also has super strength capable of smashing through walls and floors. Bloodshed has been trained as a mercenary for a number of years and is skilled fighter.  He wears specialized armor and retractable bladed weapons on his suit.

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