Character » Bloodpouch appears in 15 issues.

    A Green Lantern-like member of the Paybacks, a super repossession team backed by a mysterious and shadowy figure…

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    Bloodpouch is a member of the super-repossession team known as the Paybacks. He is the best friend of Skisquatch, and harbors romantic feelings for Miss Adventure. He also appears to have some history with the famed superhero, High Guard, as he addressed Bloodpouch by his real name, “Harold.”

    Powers & Abilities

    Hard Light Constructs - Bloodpouch is able to create hard light constructs from chunks of meteorite kept in pouches across his body. These constructs can range from melee weapons, such as swords, to highly advanced guns and even creatures, such as a cyborg-mammoth. He claims that a pouch located over his heart contains a meteorite shard that, if activated, would grant him “god-like” powers and a giant battle-suit. However, the meteorite’s powers would eventually destroy him.


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