Bloodlines Parasites

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    Dragon-like parasitic aliens, later re-imagined as microbial infectious spores; which came to Earth to feed on/host into humans. They served as the primary antagonists during the "Bloodlines" story arc.

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    The seven Bloodlines Parasites hail from the same dimension as the powerful Shaman named Pax who gained his own powers from being bitten by one of the parasites. All the parasites have a dense exoskeleton and each parasite has a unique personality that resembles the Seven Deadly Sins. Angon is a red haired female with spiked shoulder plates, and driven by anger. She created the superheroes Edge, Jamm, Prism (not Prysm, the Teen Titan) and Ballistic. Gemir was a red haired male that had bat wings and is motivated by greed. He created Joe Public, Myriad, Sparx, Cardinal Sin, and the Samaritan. Glonth was a blue yet obese parasite that appears as a human with blonde lion mane hair and he represents gluttony. Glonth created Loose Cannon, Hitman, and Chimera (not Chimera, the JSA member). Pritor was another blue skinned parasite that had moth-like wings and he is filled with pride. Pritor created Lionheart and Geist. Lissik was a purple parasite that had butterfly wings and craved for lust. Lissik created Anima, Nightblade, Hook, Terrorsmith, and Mongrel. Slodd was a white parasite that has similar bat-like features like Gemir but he is only fueled by slothfulness. Venev is the green parasite that has six arms (four limbs more than the others) and she exhibits pure envy. Venev created Argus, Razorsharp, Gunfire and Ragnarok.

    The parasites escaped from their prison dimension. When they entered the New Earth dimension, the parasites were met by a group of L.E.G.I.O.N. officers. The parasites kill them and they take the officers’ human forms before they make their way to Earth. The parasites feed by draining the spinal fluid of their victims. The parasites administer paralytic venom that causes their prey to fall limp as the parasites use their proboscis jaw to consume their sustenance. However, the drawback to the parasites’ feeding process is if the human survives the feeding then a metagene will pass through the human body after trauma was inflicted thus granting these New Bloods superpowers as well as abnormalities. In the end, the New Bloods or Blood Pack were led by Pax who used their combined strengths to send the parasites back to their dimension where they were consumed by the Taker, the ultimate parasite and their goddess.

    JLA & the Blood Pack

    Later on, a new group of parasites infiltrate a space shuttle returning to New Earth. The JLA got involved after Green Lantern discovered that these parasites were smaller than their predecessors but they can be permanently attached to their victims. These parasites controlled their human hosts telepathically, and gave each host a superpower. These new parasites put up quite a struggle for the JLA until Hitman killed or injured several of the astronauts. As for the Blood Pack, certain members were incinerated by Superboy Prime’s heat vision. The Blood Pack is later resurrected during Blackest Night. As Black Lanterns, the Blood Pack decide to go after Superboy Prime to exact their revenge but yet again Superboy Prime slaughters his attackers. The remaining Blood Pack members are led by Argus. His team consisted of Gunfire, Anima, and Hook. Hook was killed by the impostor Prometheus: Chad Graham and Gunfire's hands were amputated by Graham. As for Anima, she was killed by the real Prometheus.

    Batman and the Outsiders

    Another unnamed parasite is discovered by the Outsiders at a Gotham nightclub. The parasite was a drug peddler that charged customers admission into the nightclub because the customers wanted to gain superpowers from its bite. Unfortunately, not all of the customers survived the trauma. The Outsiders destroy the parasite’s operation but the parasite escapes Gotham and heads toward Canada where it meets a Black Canadian mercenary named Cecil. Cecil is then transformed into the hired muscle known as Freight Train. Freight Train has the ability to absorb kinetic energy which gives him super speed and his super dense skin gives him superhuman strength.

    Bloodlines; New 52

    In a remake of their origin, the parasitic aliens descended to the planet earth on a meteor which dispersed a shower of microbial entities over the town of Pine Ridge, infecting countless people with a plague like extraterrestrial which latched onto the host nervous system and fundamentally altered the host from the inside out. The afflicted in turn would gain odd superhuman abilities as a consequence of their invasion, eventually said host would succumb to the creature inside them as it slowly ate away at their consciousness turning them into a murderous automaton controlled through the hive mind headed by the mother parasite. This proginator burrowed underground some time after their vessel made world fall out in the forest where her species had initially infected some local wildlife kick starting the whole event.

    A side effect of initial infection comes in the foreign creature showing memories of the collective consciousness, this happens just as they're about ready to assume control of their host body as was the case with Eddie; a town resident of the incubator community.


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