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Story from Eagle written by 'F.M.Candor' (a pseudonym for John Wagner).

There were two series, the first illustrated by Jim Baikie, the second by Carlos Cruz and a one-off tale (Feastflesh) in the Eagle Holiday Special 1985.

The first series was also reprinted in its entirety in the Best of Eagle issue six.

Series one (12 parts) issues 116 - 127

  • 100 million years BC, orphaned and outcast, Bloodfang challenges pack leader Blackheart to become king of the pack.

Series two (30 parts) issues 129 - 158

  • Similar concept to Flesh in 2000ad. The year is 2150, the world's resources are declining. 'Universal' the solar systems largest conglom travel back in time to harvest dinosaurs for meat. Bloodfang's tyrannosaur pack had been split up and hunted for sport, now Bloodfang fights back against the intruders in his time. Eventually captured, Bloodfang is sent forward through time and put in a 'dinosaur zoo'. After many adventures he is sent back to his own time, in the conclusion to the story.

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