Character » Bloodbow appears in 12 issues.

    Sharpshooting archer that was a member of the first Stryke Force team. He was accidentally killed (and replaced by) the alien Sh'rrrnn.

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    Before joining Strykeforce, Bloodbow was rumored to be a government sniper and assassin but there are no official records. 
    When Bloodbow heard about Stryker's mercenary team, he sought Stryker out. Stryker was impressed with his marksmanship and he was welcomed into Codename: Strykeforce
    Seen by his allies and enemies alike as cocky and arrogant, he has proven to be a brave and trusted warrior that will lay down his life to protect his friends and allies. Trace was romantically involved with his teammate Lane Quintana, also known as Tempest. During the events on SkyWatch, Bloodbow was killed by an alien race of shapeshifters known as the Shu'roch. They mimic the appearance and abilities of their targets by incapacitating, cocooning, and sampling their DNA by means of a prehensile tongue. Sh'rrrnn, the exiled heir to their thrown took Trace's place as an act of honoring the fallen hero, insinuating herself into the Strykeforce team unknown to the rest of it's members, only Killrazor suspected something was wrong. She revealed herself during the events of Opposing Forces to save her teammates from the hostile members of her race and their Queen.


    Bloodbow possessed excellent marksmanship skills which has been improved with cybernetic enhancements. These cybernetics also gave him limited super strength in his arms as well as perfect accuracy up to 4200ft when using his composite bow or any other projectile weapon.


    The compound bow is an ultra-flexible titanium/plastic polymer bow with a 3700lbs pull.
    The arrows used range from concussion arrows (equal to 1000 tons of TNT), mega-taser stun arrows and high-intensity plasma flash arrows.


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