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    A man with blood mutation that turned him into a pseudo-vampire

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    Mordechai was the son of famed Soviet Blood Specialist Dr. Emil Kovak and his patient, Latverian Translvanian Klara. Klara was suffering from a rare blood disease and right before she died, she gave birth to Mordechai during the Cold War.

    At first Mordechai appeared as a normal baby, but later got the same blood disease as his mother. But it was even worst then his mother's condition. His whole physical appearance started to change into a skeletal form. He would soon go threw massive treatments by his father. As he hit he hit puberty, he started developing a number of lumps growing on his chest.

    As he hit his teens he became frailer, and the lumps turned into tusks. The tusks turned out to be fangs. This was found out when Mordechai attack one of Emil assistants and impaled him with his spikes and drank the blood of the victim.

    As Mordechai got older, his father built him a protective suit containing a chemical that bathed Mordechai at all times. As communist Russia fell, Mordechai and his father Emil moved to the United States where Emil can find a way to cure his son in a hidden lab in a subway.

    One key plan that Emil wanted to do was to find Micheal Morbius while during the time he was still a human and a nobel winning scientist. However at this point Morbius became a living vampire. this was bad for Emil because Morbius was his last hope. As Mordechai's thirst increased, he was given the nickname Bloodbath by his father who he soon killed, escaped the lab, and started killing people in the subway. For a while he was given the role as the "Subway Vampire Killer."

    He later fought Morbius in the subway. Morbius almost lost to Bloodbath too. Morbius stopped Bloodbath by grabbing Bloodbath's wrist and smashing it into the head piece of Bloodbath's suit. As the chemicals drained from the suit, Bloodbath slowly passed away.


    Bloodbath was created by Mort Todd and Rurik Tyler in 1993 and first appeared in Midnight Sons Unlimited # 2.


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