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    Murderous vigilante given the powers of a god by the axe of Skurge the executioner.

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    First appearance of Jackie Lukus: Thor 392First appearance as Bloodaxe: Thor 450


    Before gaining her powers Jackie Lukus was a successful New York architect. Her acquaintance with Erik Masterson, at the time wielding the power of Thor, lead her to find the Axe of Scurge the Executioner an enchanted Asgardian weapon almost as powerful as Mjolnir. When she picked up the axe Lukus was transformed physically and overwhelmed mentally by the weapons desire for combat and thirst for blood.

    Transforming after finding the Axe
    Transforming after finding the Axe

    Driven to become the vigilante known as Bloodaxe, she immediately began to target local criminals. Killing any she decided were unworthy of life and more than willing to attack anyone who got in her way, her actions soon brought her into conflict with Masterson/Thor. Though the two proved to be equal in power Bloodaxe would have been defeated in their first battle if the Asgardian Sorceress Karnilla had not interfered and striped Thor of his powers. Bloodaxe used the opportunity to defeat Thor and make her escape.

    She next set out to discover more about the origin of her weapon. However while she searched the scene of its discovery she came into conflict with Doctor Strange. Attracted by the mystic power he detected around her Strange came to investigate in his astral form and was alarmed to discover that not only could Bloodaxe detect his presence she was more than capable of harming him as well. As the two battled the destruction they caused brought them to the attention of the NYPD’s Code Blue team and the Super heroes of Earth Force. Bloodaxe fought everyone present to a standstill and again made her escape.

    During this time Eric Masterson had undergone changes of his own. Striped of the powers of Thor he had taken up the new identity of Thunderstrike and continued his career as a Superhero. The two soon came into conflict again when Masterson tried to stop Bloodaxe from killing the criminal known as Carjack. In his new guise however he was no match for the raw power Lukus still had at her disposal. Though severely beaten in their first encounter Thunderstrike later disarmed her and, thanks to the intervention of Stellaris, was able to force Jackie to retreat without the weapon.

    While their alter ego’s continued to clash Lukus and Eric had proceeded to become closer personally and had started to date. This meant that when Masterson hid the Bloodaxe in his apartment it didn’t take long for her to find the weapon and in the process deduce his secret identity. Her powers returned Bloodaxe attacked Thunderstrike, this time nearly killed him, and threatened to finish the job if he interfered with her again.

    Bloodaxe’s next target was a gang called the Serpent’s Teeth who were responsible for a series of high tech robberies across the city. She soon tracked the gang to their lair and in the process of killing them discovered they were nothing but pawns for the death god Seth. Immediately attacking him Bloodaxe found herself badly out matched and only escaped destruction because he enjoyed the terror she caused and let her go. Looking for revenge against him Bloodaxe informed Thunderstrike of Seth’s activities and teamed up with him and Stellaris to again fight the god. Despite her new allies power Bloodaxe was again defeated by Seth and carried to safety by Stellaris while Thunderstrike destroyed his underwater base.

    Bloodaxes final confrontation with Thunderstrike would come when she tried to kill to more of Seth’s agents, Quicksand and Mongoose. She attacked and would have killed both of them until Masterson again came between her and her prey. As the two battled it became clear that while he was still out powered Thunderstrike was much more skilled than he had been in their past encounters. He again disarmed Lukus and this time was able to continue fighting her until she was separated from the axe for sixty second’s and was forced to transform back into her mortal form. Shocked to discover his girlfriend was also his archenemy Masterson allowed her to be arrested and took the axe for himself, an act that would lead to his death. Jackie Lukus was last seen by his grave swearing to start a new life that was worthy of Eric’s memory.


    When transformed into Bloodaxe Lukus possessed Superhuman strength stamina and durability equal to that of Thunderstrike. The weapon also enhanced her agility and gave her the skill needed to use the weapon effectively despite having no formal training. As well as the this the magical energies of the axe could be used to produce blasts of energy, encase people in ice, control the elemental force of wind, produce intense heat and flame and manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum in small ways. Bloodaxe could also use these energies to teleport herself.


    Should Bloodaxe be separated from her weapon for more than sixty seconds she will transform back into her mortal form.


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