Blood Spider

    Character » Blood Spider appears in 8 issues.

    Taskmaster's student, taught to be Spider-Man's opposite.

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    Very little is known about the man who would become Blood Spider. What is known is that he was trained by Taskmaster as a member of an evil version of the Avengers. Blood Spider was trained to be a version of Spider-Man while his team-mates Jagged Bow and Deathshield were trained to be versions of Hawkeye and Captain America.

    Powers and abilities

    Of the trio, the Blood Spider was the only character who displayed any superhuman abilities. He was able to shatter a solid concrete wall with a very powerful move, indicating he possessed some degree of superhuman strength. His stamina was also heightened to similar levels. He was not as powerful as Spider-Man, and not nearly as fast. He was able to offer the wall-crawler only momentary resistance before being dispatched.

    His reflexes and agility were highly developed, but did not appear to reach a superhuman level. He had limited skill as a hand-to-hand combatant.

    He carried a back pack and wrist devices capable of shooting webbing similar to that of Spider-Man, but much weaker. An ordinary human in peak physical condition, such as Solo, was able to tear through it, which would not have been possible with Spider-Man's webbing.

    Apparently, the Blood Spider had not been trained by the Taskmaster for very long as he was not an outstanding hand-to-hand combatant as most of Taskmaster's students, such as US Agent. Blood Spider demonstrated little technique and fought with sheer brute force.


    The costume worn by Blood Spider has several design elements that Mark Bagley would later incorporate into his redesign of Spider-Man's costume during the Ben Reilly years. The most prominent of the traits is the use of a larger, symmetrical spider emblem on the front and back, the legs of which meet on the shoulders.


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