Blood Red Queen Of Hearts

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    The queen of hearts is a demonic entity that possesses and moves from person to person through a playing card. She serves under the god, Chaos, and wishes to be his queen.

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    The Queen Of Hearts
    The Queen Of Hearts

    Her name was once Jezebel. She resided in ancient Babylon where she served as the high priestess for the notorious Cult of Chaos. She charmed men and women alike with her enticing beauty. A trait she would use to lure them into her cult and then later sacrifice them to the Mad-god Chaos. Jezebel wound up doing most of Chaos bidding until she rebelled against him, demanding that she be his queen and most of all gain immortality. Angered by her demands, Chaos ripped the flesh from her body and trapped her very essence in a playing card as a punishment. Even though she got her wish of being immortal, she was bodiless and forced to be trapped in a "Queen of Heart" card for eternity. However, she does remain loyal to Chaos and still continues to serve him with human sacrifices preferably ten human hearts, which preferably must be evil.

    With no body of her own, the Queen of hearts searches fruitlessly for human hosts she can inhabit. Any mortal woman, who touches the card, temporarily becomes the queen of hearts until they are completely worn out. The Queen always looks for new hosts she can inhabit all while collecting human hearts for Chaos.


    The Blood Red Queen of Hearts was created by Bill Dubay.

    Major Story Arcs

    Chaos Bride

    Originally the Queen wanted to marry the Mad-god Chaos, but she needed a dowry of seven human hearts. Vampirella's heart was to have been the last. This story introduces the queen, who has slain six people, taking their hearts. With the acquisition of a seventh she believes she'll become the queen of Chaos. She summons a demon which she sends to take the final heart, from Vampirella. Vampi meanwhile isin the hospital where Pendragon is kept and saves him by giving him a blood transfusion. The demon has hidden himself within Pendragon's body however, and attacks Vampi when the transfusion takes place. Adam meanwhile returns to the hospital and saves Vampirella by shooting out the demon's eyes, forcing it away. Alas, the Queen does not have such a happy ending, with the demon tearing her eyes out to replace his. Since then the blood red queen of hearts has harbored a personal hatred against Vampirella.


    The Queen's eyes ripped out
    The Queen's eyes ripped out

    The Blood red queen of hearts would get her bittersweet revenge when she

    returned the favor by ripping out Vampirella’s eyes and mutilating Vampirella’s sidekick, Pendragon. Vampirella's eyes would later be restored by a group of space doctors from outerspace.

    An eye for an eye
    An eye for an eye

    The Queen would return again supposedly as a "sister" of the original Queen to seek revenge against Vampirella. She summoned an incubus to kill six women for their hearts and planned to have Vampirella sacrificed to Chaos. The incubus succeeded in luring Vampirella into her trap. The Queen would then kill the incubus to use his heart to summon Chaos from Hell. But the demon's spilled blood drove Vampirella into a feeding frenzy and she broke out of her bounds. She drank much of the Queen's blood, and then threw her into the mad-god's giant hand sending her to a hell dimension.

    Soul of Blood

    The Queen infused with Mother One
    The Queen infused with Mother One

    On a Caribbean island a vampire religion has risen. Both Vampirella and the symbiotic team, Wetworks, are on a mission to destroy the cult.

    Wetworks assume Vampirella to be part of the cult and track her to the cult's lair. In the ensuing melee Mother-One of Wetworks is taken over by the Blood Red Queen of Hearts, who uses her symbiotic link with Wetworks to control them and subdue Vampirella.

    The Blood Red Queen has a plan to mass produce the "playing card" she uses to possess the bodies of women, then possess multiple bodies simultaneously to provide a hugely increased supply of hearts for Chaos.

    However, Mother-One is not just a woman, she is a cyborg woman - and as such the Blood Red Queen could not completely possess her. Mother-One rejects the Blood Red Queen who seems to be destroyed as she has no body to move into.

    The Blood Red Game

    Vampirella at The Queen's mercy.
    Vampirella at The Queen's mercy.

    As years pass, Chaos once again seeks out for Vampirella’s heart but this time he wanted Vampirella’s heart given to him with love. The Queen possess an innocent woman who afterwards confesses to the police describing how she manged to ensnare Vampirella in her trap.

    After a week of starvation, torment, and seduction, Vampirella succumbs to the will of the Blood Red Queen, but in the end tricks her into releasing her by promising to love her forever.

    The Queen's Gambit

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    The Queen returns again scheming with the Black Bishop in helping him abduct a child needed to end the world. During the event, the queen manages to temporarily inhabit Vampirella’s body and defeats Shi in the process and destroys a few army of nuns protecting the baby, until Dixie’s exorcism spell helps Vampirella get rid of the Queen.

    Unfortunately, the victory is short lived as The Queen manages to abduct the child after the child's guardian accidentally touches the discarded card and transforms into the Queen. The Queen escapes with the child through a portal, but in the end however, the child's guardian (inside the Queen's body) sacrafices herself by ripping out her own heart. Dying in a body that she cannot get out of, the Queen seems to have presumably been gone for good.

    Apocalypse Unleashed

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    Thought to have been dead, the Queen somehow makes her return again to finally bring Chaos to earth plane and in the process unleashes an apocalypse. The queen uses Vampirella as a pawn to do her bidding while she has Adam Van Helsing in captive. Vampirella has no choice but help the queen find seven evil hearts to ensure Adam’s safety.

    Vampirella goes on a crusade to kill the most evil people she can find. Giving them a chance to repent (which they don't) she kills them and collects their souls. In the process the Blood Red Queen's essence/soul escapes from within Vampirella and takes on a new form.

    A battle between Vampirella and the Blood Red Queen ensues, during which the final soul is collected and Adam van Helsing is released from the void. Unfortunately, so is the mad god Chaos.

    Fire and brimstone rain down from the skies, buildings crumble and demons walk the Earth. In the middle of it all, Vampirella takes on the Blood Red Queen and Chaos. As Vampirella falls, Pendragon appears out of the smoke and debris - and he's not alone!

    With a compliment of other magicians he'd met in his travels they take on Chaos, giving Vampirella the breathing space she needs to recuperate and a much needed power boost. Chaos and Adam van Helsing are inextricably entwined and to destroy Chaos Vampirella must kill her lover, Adam. Which she does ... yet when Chaos is defeated, Adam still lives.

    Out of the desolation Vampirella, Adam and Pendragon walk into a new future.

    The Return

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    The Queen of Hearts makes her return again after remaining hidden on earth plane for unknown years. It seems she has possessed a woman named Clarissa and has set her sights on Pantha. While habiting Clarissa’s body, the Queen uses her hypnosis to get Clarissa’s husband to help her locate and kill Pantha. While the Queen’s role and motives at this time remain uncertain, it very well may be that Pantha poses a threat to Chaos and the Queen intends to stop her by any means necessary.

    Under Clarissa's guise, the Queen and Clarissa's husband Oscar infiltrate a maximum security facility in an attempt to kill a woman named Maya who appears to be a person of interest to Mad god-chaos as well as someone from Pantha's past. During the attempted assassination, Mamba is able to break into the facility with the same intent of killing Maya until Pantha intervenes to rescue her from the two.

    In the midst of chaos, The Queen kills one of the guards as well as rips out Oscar's heart with her bare hands.

    The Queen and Mamba then proceed to form an alliance and together fight Pantha. Pantha though is able to fend them both off.

    In the end the Queen gets shot by one of Maya's companions as the two attempt to escape the facility, but since she's immortal her essence escapes Clarissa's body and takes possession of Maya.


    Though originally possessing no supernatural powers of her own, the Blood Red Queen was well versed in the dark ways of the occult. After Chaos trapped her essence in a playing card, anyone who merely touches the card becomes possessed by her spirit even taking up her form. However, she cant stay inside a host for too long because the bodies eventually "worn out", which forces the Queen to find new hosts to inhabit. She can heal rapidly from knife wounds, gun shot wounds, and even impalement, which makes it rather difficult for her to be killed.

    She also has vast knowledge of dark magic and the occult which she uses to summon demons and raise the dead as zombies to serve her. She can also cast illusions and use hypnosis to put her victims in a deep trance while possessing their bodies. In desperation the queen can make multiple copies of her own to inhabit other hosts.

    She is also proficient in mutilating her victim’s hearts with precision.


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