Blood Queen

    Character » Blood Queen appears in 15 issues.

    The Blood Queen is the former leader of the Vampire Nation. She is a hybrid vampire/werewolf.

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    The Blood Queen was the Queen of the Vampire Nation and had been for a long time, when Prince Drakken of the House of Thom made an attempt at becoming the new ruler of the Vampire Nation. Drakken didn't succeed in killing the Blood Queen, but he did manage to get the power he wanted. The takeover did not go smoothly. Waering and his tribe along with WetWorks attacked Drakken, but in the end Drakken won, and the Blood Queen went into exile. For the Blood Queen, the exile turned out to be a good thing. She became free from the obligation of being queen and could enjoy her freedom as Dragoness once again.

    Free from her obligations, Dragoness along with Persephone roamed the streets for a while. It wasn't what Dragoness wanted, and soon she began to make plans for going home to her motherland. She had some plans with Jackson Dane as a mate, but those plans failed.

    Back with her father at the place called Nighthold, she wanted to go back to take back the position that Drakken had taken away from her, but Lord Dominus had other plans and wanted to kill all the vampires that were not true vampires. Dragoness could see that this was wrong and arranged for WetWorks and her brother Johnny Savoy to help her stop him. Her army, led by Raithan attacked Lord Dominus and in a joint effort, she, Savoy and WetWorks succeeded in killing Lord Dominus and save the Vampire Nation.

    Dragoness was not seen again, and has been reported to have died. This may be an effect of Captain Atom's visit which rewrote parts of the continuity. Instead her unknown daughter Arin appeared to become the new queen of the Vampire Nation.


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