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Nice Series

This continues the stories from previous issues from the 8 pages of Count Dracula and Dracula 2199. Also has a self contained 8 page story from a continuing series also in each issue Death Dreams Of Dracula. 
Count Dracula- Having been framed for Aisa Burkholdt's death her fiance Fritz Goehling, storms to Dracula's castle. The Count is reading to Aisa a passage from Richard 3. Fritz enters and a battle ensues. Fritz gets the upper hand and forces Drac to flee into the night. Fritz then sees Aisa who of course is now undead. Fritz does what needs to be done. To be continued. 
Death Dreams Of Dracula-  The lord of the undead goes into dreams and instills fear and lust. This time however someone wants to invade dreams. A professor finally finds the plane between life and death. The same plane that is inhabited by Dracula. He comes due to the hate and greed and all things violence.A fight happens  someone dies and a son takes up his fathers research. 
Dracula 2199-starts off with Drac infiltrating one of the scientists buildings. He is unnoticed by the cameras and guardian robots.Dracula gets to the human guard and instills fear into him. Other's come only to be attacked by Dracula who has started his war against the invaders of hiscountry. To be continued


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