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Biting Towards The End

Once again I'm back to review this series and issues.  Not sure what has transpired in issue #14 I have no idea where to get this issue.However  what is cool is this issue includes a record and a mask how cool is that?The songs are original and composed and produced by Mark Wheatley. Oh and some stories happen too(lol).This issue we see the continuances of Count Dracula and Dracula 2199. and of course a self contained Death Dreams Of Dracula. Every story is 8 pages long and in black and white and written by Rickey Shanklin. 
Count Dracula of course features Dracula right before Bram Stroker wrote his book ( how cool is that). Dracula 2199 is another series it's basically Dracula is resurrected and fights the leaders of the world the scientists. Death Dreams Of Dracula is the third series in this book. Basically Dracula is dead and denied a rightful death and at various times he has invaded dreams or made various visits to the world where evil or death happens.. 
Count Dracula - A strange man Dr. Stroehmann is seen with an apperant victim of Dracula. We cut to the Count talking to his pet Brungarde who it seems has a human hand in its mouth. The fine dr. is reminiscing of his dead daughter could she be the reason he plays with the dead to re-animate them? Another failure but wait this one rises and wants to go to it's master Dracula. The dr. now realizes howmuch he can learn from Dracula and we his dead daughter Greta. Meanwhile the zombie  has arrived in the castle and Dracula is surprised to find her in his coffin and she should not have so soon after vampiric sleep. Having deheaded this thing Dracula decides to go after who ever is doing this and both he and the dr. are shown sleeping for now. 
Between each story is an editorialor explanation on how and who helped with the music and the lyrics nice packaging done here. 
Dracula 2199 - We stumble across Dracula and a big group of Iranians rallying behind Drac and protest science.However some one didn't like him and attacked Dracula. Poor guy is killed at Drac's hands as is his friends and family by the unruly mob. Dracula realizes a group like this can help him against the scientists. To proove his power he feeds on youngchildren and 3 nightslater he makes them arise from the ground.. The people see him as Allah. 
Death Dreams Of Dracula - We see a man upset over the sudden death of his cows who are mutilated. The man is then  transported to a spacecraft. There we see reptilian aliens. They proceed to examine the guy. Dracula then appears in the ship and proceeds to deal with them.He gets the upper hand and they leave. 
This issue goes all out there with the alien story. But alsowith the middle east storyline. One that is almost real in today standards.

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