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Close And Closer To The End

Once again I bring another eview of this seris. This time for once all 3 stories continue from last issue. 
Count Dracula - Having slashed Micah at the end of last issue we and dracula are stunned to find allof Micah's blood return to him.Dracula asks Micah what kind of demon is he and Micah responds he's the living embodiment of the power of the family(does he mean God and Jesus?). More fighting and struggling done by both. An awesome drawn fight. From chains breaking and sword play really well drawn and written. Finally Micah slips and falls down a hole. Does he leave the lord of the undead victorious once again? 
Dracula 2199 -Having been zapped by weapons newley created using the power of Stonehenge Dracula seems defeated and he flees the scientists facility. The scientists that used the weapons in an ironic twist are arrested by the other scientists who now want to help defeat Dracula. Meanwhile Kleigh 02  still in London has gained access to the central intelligence network and is shockedtofind another scientist Lyfe 01 doing the same research he is.it is now night and Dracula storms Scientist City(how original the name) along with bugs who are amassed and do their masters bidding. Dracula attacks and kills and vows totakeover the world.. 
Death Dreams Of Dracula - After last issue Dracula through a gypsy prisoner makes his way to Commandant Konrad's office. The young man is beaten and Dracula leaves. The Commandant however on a rage demands the prisoners to know whoand what Dracula is and why they are more scared of him then the Third Reich. It is now night and Dracula invades Konrads dreams in which his past prisoners he's had killed come back to haunt him. In a fit of fear waking up from his dreams the soldiers seal their commandants fate.

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