Blood Claw

    Character » Blood Claw appears in 4 issues.

    A super-strong Khundian with indestructible cybernetic claws, Blood Claw was a short-lived member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the Glorithverse. He was killed in action against Mordru's legion of the dead.

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    Blood Claw was born a muscular, unattractive youth even by Khund standards. His unusual, almost primitive physique served him well when it came to strength and those that dared ridicule him would find themselves bested by him in the Khund challenge courts of combat. Serving in the Khund military, he eventually was rewarded a rank high enough to receive cybernetic enhancements. He chose a pair of mechanical hands with sharp claws, and dubbed himself Blood Claw.

    Major Story Arcs

    Mordru's Legion

    His superior fighting abilities led Blood Claw and three other Khunds to be elected to serve alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes, who were assisting the Khunds in taking down Mordru and his invasion force of zombies. Blood Claw was hardly pleased but did as was told, relishing a battle. The very claws he was proud of though ended up turning against him when Blood Claw faced the corpse of Magnetic Kid. The deceased Legionnaire used his magnetism to have Blood Claw's enhancements claw himself apart, killing him. He was mourned in rage by Firefist before Blood Claw's own corpse came back under Mordru's spell. Blood Claw, now a zombie, rose and began to attack those who were his comrades scant moments before. After the spell was broken, his body collapsed and he was later buried with full honors back on Khundia.


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