Blood Brothers

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    The Blood Brothers were two linked alien brothers who served as minions of Thanos.

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     The Blood Brothers beat on Iron Man.
    The Blood Brothers beat on Iron Man.

    The Blood Brothers are two interstellar siblings that serve the mighty Titan known as Thanos. They were sent to Earth to seek out Iron Man after a captured Drax the Destroyer mentally contacted Tony Stark during a business meeting. The Blood Brothers came into conflict with Iron Man inside Stark Industries and the two, powerful siblings overwhelmed the Avenger. The brothers took Iron Man aboard their hovercraft and took him to Thanos on an alien world. The computer known as Isaac informs Mentor, the father of Thanos that telepathic contact has been established with the Destroyer and Iron Man is in close proximity of Drax. The two brothers hold Iron Man captive while Drax is telling him mentally where he is being held prisoner. Iron Man frees himself from their grasp and knocks them down with a repulsor blasts. Iron Man attempts to free Drax but the self-protection devices causes a backfire and Iron Man is incapacitated. Iron Man is greeted by Thanos when Isaac discovers the true location of Drax. Mentor orders Project Freedom to commence and a blue beam is fired from a cannon where it locates Iron Man's chestplate and he is able to fire his uni-beam that frees Drax the Destroyer. Iron Man and Drax team up against the Blood Brothers. Drax knocks out one Blood Brother and Iron Man easily takes out the second Blood Brother since he could not draw strength from his fallen sibling. The two heroes realized that Thanos had escaped while they were battling the Blood Brothers and the fortress was booby-trapped. Iron Man and Drax escape from the explosion where the Blood Brothers appeared to have perished.


    The Blood Brothers were created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin in 1973 and first appeared in Iron Man #55.

    Character Evolution

    The Blood Brothers have fought many people like Daredevil, Iron Man, the Thing and even Starfox. They served under the great titan Thanos.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Brothers in Arms

    The Blood Brothers would resurface when they are mentally summoned by the Controller at the headquarters belonging to Thanos in the western desert. The Blood Brothers have no idea it's the Controller who has summon them but they travel to New York and come into conflict with Iron Man and Daredevil. The Controller was buried under several tons of debris and summoned the Blood Brothers to free him. Their search was interrupted by the heroes and the Blood Brothers were eventually defeated when Daredevil separated one sibling from the other when he had one chase him across town. The distance was too great and the Blood Brothers symbiotic link was severed and they could not draw strength from one another. One Blood Brother was locked up in an ultra-security cell on Rykers Island while the other sibling was taken to McGuire Air Force Base. The Controller and Iron Man would battle on Rykers Island where the Controller's mental slaves are being driven to so he could draw on their power. The Blood Brother locked up in Rykers breaks free from his cell and is under the mental control of the Controller. They both take on Iron Man but he manages to defeat the Controller by placing a slave disc on the Blood Brother. The Controller's exo-skeleton burns out when he attempts to draw the symbiotic strength of the Blood Brothers. The Blood Brother is stunned by a repulsor blast and the Controller disappears after the fight.

    Maximum Security

    While they were trapped in the Vault, Quasar took them into his custody. Once they stopped at Mars, they beat Quasar badly and he barely made it out, stranding the Blood Brothers on Mars. Once they made it off of Mars one of the brothers met up with USAgent. Wanting to fight him The agent beat him easily. But soon learning The Living Planet Ego was about to destroy earth USAgent had the Blood Brothers fight with him and some other heroes. They beat Ego and the two brothers helped save Earth. This did not mean they were heroes.

    Drax The Destroyer

     Death of a Blood Brother.
    Death of a Blood Brother.

    Years later, the Blood Brothers resurface on a prison transport for cosmic level villains that is supposedly en route to The Kyln/Crunch, a prison colony at the far edge of the universe. Also aboard the transport vessel are Drax the Destroyer, Lunatik and Paibok the Power Skrull. The ship crash lands on earth in a small Alaskan town and only the Brothers, Drax, Lunatik and Paibok survive. Drax goes off on his own while the others set to intimidate the townspeople into helping repair the ship so that they might escape before any earth superheroes arrive. In the midst of this, the Blood Brothers get into a fight with Drax that Paibok has to settle for them; killing Drax. Drax is later reborn with new abilities and far more intelligence. He uses his newfound cunning to kill Lunatik and then to confront the Blood Brothers; killing one of them. The other swears vengeance but is knocked out by Paibok as things had gone on long enough. Paibok calms Drax down and summons the cosmic law enforcement to have them all taken away rather than to face Earth's Mightiest heroes.

    Secret Invasion

    The surviving Blood Brother resurfaces during Secret Invasion as a member of The Hood's Masters of Evil. The Blood Brother would attend a meeting with the Hood and Madame Masque as they interrogate a tied up SHIELD agent. Madame Masque beats on the SHIELD agent until he reveals his true identity as a Skrull. The Skrull informs them that they tried to infiltrate the Masters by attempting to replace Madame Masque with a Skrull agent. The Hood uses his magical abilities to scan his gang and ends up shooting the Slug because he turned out to be a Skrull agent. The Hood, the Blood Brother and the rest of the team decide to join forces with the Avengers and various heroes to stop the Skrull invasion.

    Dark Reign

    The Blood Brother is still a member of the Masters of Evil when they ambush the New Avengers inside the Hellfire Club for payback. The battle is fierce but the tables turn in the Avengers' favor when Ms. Marvel has Spider-Woman juice her up with her venom blasts. Ms. Marvel unleashes an energy barrage that takes down the Blood Brother and most members of the Masters which allows the Avengers to escape from the fight. The Avengers realize that Norman Osborn and the Hood are in cahoots. The Blood Brother and other members of the team find out from Dr. Harrow that the Hood is working for Norman Osborn and that makes a lot of people upset. Harrow usurps control of the Masters of Evil while the Hood is away and they use a power drainer on the New Avengers in Times Square. Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers appear on the scene when the power drainer is used on them too. Osborn agrees to offer the Masters of Evil the same deal they had when they were working for the Hood so Harrow gives Osborn the power drainer. The Avengers are able to escape when Mockingbird saves them. A meeting would take place on a HAMMER hellicarrier with the Masters of Evil and the Hood shows up and kills Jonas Harrow. The Hood tells the Masters they were idiots because they signed up to work for Norman Osborn and his Initiative. The Blood Brother and the rest of the Masters become official soldiers for the government and Osborn orders them to kill the Avengers.


    The Blood Brother and the rest of the Masters of Evil join forces with Norman Osborn, the Dark Avengers and HAMMER forces when they invade Asgard. The Hood had upgraded the powers of the Blood Brother and the rest of his team with the Norn Stones given to him by Loki. During the siege of Asgard, Loki takes away the power of the Hood and his team with the Norn Stones and gives it to the heroes. The Blood Brother and Griffin are with the Hood and Madame Masque when their powers are taken away. Madame Masque shoots the Griffin and the Blood Brother and she escapes with Parker Robbins. The Blood Brother survives and is placed into custody.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Blood Brothers possess superhuman strength, immense durability and resistance to injuries, being able to trade blows with both Iron Man and the Thing. Their superhuman strength and durability levels depend on their distance from each other. Their superhuman strength and durability increase when they are in close proximity of one another. If they are far away from others, their superhuman strength levels dropped to below average human strength. The Blood Brothers can also suck blood from their victims like a real vampire does.

    Alternate Earths

    The Blood Brothers would be involved in several stories taking place in the Marvel Adventures comics which are standalone stories and does not take place in the current Marvel Universe continuity.

    Marvel Universe Earth-20051: The Blood Brothers are known as the Brawl Brothers.

     Luke Cage takes down the Brawl Brothers.
    Luke Cage takes down the Brawl Brothers.

    The Avengers are attempting to recruit Luke Cage into their team and take him along several adventures. Luke Cage agrees to join the Avengers on a raid on the Brawl Brothers where they recently escaped from the Vault and were located in a secret hideout. Luke Cage takes down both Brawl Brothers by himself and agrees to join the Avengers afterward.


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