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Green Lantern

Status: Deceased

Space Sector: 74

Sector Partner: Unknown

Homeworld: Unknown

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Unknown


Bloobert Cob is a long serving Green Lantern and former colleague of Abin Sur and Tomar Re. When the villain Dr. Polaris seemingly killed Hal Jordan, Bloobert was one of the Lanterns who attended to Jordan's "funeral" on Oa.

Years later Bloobert Cob was one of the Green Lanterns captured and replaced by Durlan spies. When the Durlans were discovered, their Khund allies attempted to execute the Lantern prisoners before the Lantern's rings returned to them. Bloobert Cob was shot in cold blood by Khunds moments before his fellow Lanterns mounted an escape. His death was quickly avenged.


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