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    The Blonde Phantom is a masked crime-fighter and detective. She is one of the first costumed heroines to appear during the Golden Age of Marvel Comics.

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    Louise Grant Mason was a simple secretary to the detective Mark Mason, whom she secretly aided as the Blonde Phantom. Armed with just a small handgun, the two of them fought crime and had adventures together until the 1950's. She later married Mark Mason. She was also a member of the Avengers 1959 team, working alongside Nick Fury and other contemporaries of that time.


    The Blonde Phantom first appeared in All Select Comics #11 (Fall 1946) and was created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores. However, comic historians have noted that both the codename and costume also appeared around the same time in Millie the Model #2 (October 1946) making it unclear which character creation inspired which. However, in that issue it was Millie Collins and not Louise Mason who used the identity.

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age

    Blonde Phantom appeared at a time when Timely (the precursor to Atlas and then Marvel) were trying new things to maintain their appeal in the decline of comics after World War II, in this case by creating female heroines like Sun Girl, Namora and Golden Girl. Blonde Phantom appeared in comics for about 3 years since her debut in the late 1940's in her own Blonde Phantom title, but also as a guest in others like Sub-Mariner Comics and Marvel Mystery Comics. It has been mentioned that Blonde Phantom became a member of the All Winners Squad.

    Modern Age

    John Byrne brought back Blonde Phantom into Marvel comics in the pages of Sensational She-Hulk in 1989. Here she appeared to have aged and helped She-Hulk break the fourth wall of comics and jumping between comics panels etc.

    Major Story Arcs

    Avengers 1959

    Louise Mason and Nick Fury
    Louise Mason and Nick Fury

    During the late 1950s, Louise was part of the Avengers team assembled by Nick Fury. They faced a burgeoning powerful foe in the team of Brain Drain, Geoffrey Sydenham, Dieter Skul and Count von Blitzkrieg. The Avengers held their own against numerous vile machinations and schemes of their foes and emerged victorious to rescue the then prince of Wakanda, and put an end to the evil.

    Working with She-Hulk

    She-Hulk and 'Weezi' Mason
    She-Hulk and 'Weezi' Mason

    In the present day, she was working as legal secretary for District Attorney Blake Tower. She teamed up with them to form a legal team and as an aid to She-Hulk and worked with her on many cases, including teaching her that they were both really comic book characters. She had aged, or at least she believes that she had aged, because of her series being canceled. It is her belief that heroes who are in an ongoing series will never age. In the time that it took for her to come back, her husband had died, and she was now a widow. She taught She-Hulk the secret of how to jump from panel to panel, tear through comic book pages to escape, and other seemingly impossible stunts.

    While in a battle with the Mole Man, Weezi was dumped into a vat of chemicals which would allow that person to take the form of what they saw to be their inner self. She emerged at around the same age as she had been in the golden age of Marvel, roughly around 20 years of age. While she has nearly dropped out of comics once again, her daughter, Wanda Mason, has taken the name as the Blonde Phantom and now fights crime as her mother once did.


    Blonde Phantom
    Blonde Phantom

    Known Relatives: Walter Grant (father, deceased) Mark Mason (husband, deceased), Wanda Mason (daughter), Earl Paynter Mason (son)

    Citizenship: American

    Place of Birth: Hoboken, New Jersey

    Marital Status: Widowed

    Occupation: Legal Secretary, Crime Fighter

    Education: High school graduate

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blonde

    Popular Recognition

    The Blonde Phantom was ranked 98th in Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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