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    Mutant member of the second incarnation of X-Force whom died in the line of action during their first mission.

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    Mickey Tork started operating as a vigilante under his fromer name "Rainbow" (due to ability to change color of his massive body) in the streets of San Francisco when his powers have manifested. Later, due to an evolving genetic condition, that name soon ceased to be appropiate and he abandoned this name.

    The big boy with the penchant for musical theater and pumping iron soon found he possessed the uncanny chameleon ability to merge into his surroundings. Never better deployed against a Balkan terrorist group. He has a two-year kill rating of six per mission, the mutant known as "Bloke" is bettered only by Orphan and, of course, the Anarchist.


    Bloke was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred in 2001 and first appeared in X-Force issue 117.

    Major Story Arcs

    X-Force and Death

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    He's big. He's pink and he has impeccable taste in soft furnishings.

    Now having christened himself "Bloke", he contacted, and became a member of the newest incarnation of the mutant team named X-Force. There he did not bother to show all his teammates that he was gay, by expressing his interest in some of his male teammates. Some of the teammates, such as Phat, did not like this behavior. Bloke then went on his first mission with the team. However, his career ended soon as he was killed while protecting Diego Ardilles from gunfire. With his dying words, he wanted people to know that gay people could also be heroic. His dead body was later vaporized by his teammate the Anarchist.

    Bloke recently appeared alive again (probably by The Five's ressurrection work).

    Powers & abilities

    Bloke's abilities were very adaptive; he could change the color of his skin, and he displayed a new ability with each color. Though his powers changed with his colors, he always displayed a certain degree of heightened endurance.


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