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    Mark Desmond was a chemist whose experiments intending to increase his strength turned him into a mindless monster.

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    Blockbuster is a DC character created by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino. He was Retconned by Tom Lyle and Roger Stern and first appeared in Detective Comics #345.

    Blockbuster I (Mark Desmond)

    Blockbuster I (Mark Desmond)
    Blockbuster I (Mark Desmond)

    Mark was a chemist who experimented on himself, by doing this he became stronger and taller but he also became a mindless behemoth. Desmond was cared for by his criminally-minded brother, Roland, who shielded Mark's monstrous appearance from their mother.

    Roland used his brother to commit crimes but both were stopped by Batman and Robin. At one point during Mark's rampage he fell into a river and was saved by Bruce Wayne. Batman found out that he could calm the beast by showing him his true face, because Bruce was the only one to show the beast kindness. Blockbuster sought solitude when free, only to find himself opposing the Caped Crusader on various occasions. Mark became an original member of The Suicide Squad during Legends. He was killed by Brimstone, a creation of Darkseid.

    New 52

    Mark Desmond is a patient of Dr. Phayne's. He lives on the estate and at night he undergoes procedures to enhance his intelligence. He was exposed to a small amount of a green compound via intravenous. An accident was caused by a new patient believing he was in pain and the cascade of green liquid overdosed Desmond and created an explosion. The overdose exposed a super strong man calling himself Blockbuster. He rampaged from the building in pain and knocked an attacking Hawkman unconscious over into a well. Hawkman crawled out of the well and before succumbing to his wounds, contacted Amanda Waller for help and let the Nth Metal encase him and heal his wounds. Hawkman awoke in full combat armor and knocked Blockbuster skyward while Simon Baz used his ring to place him in a green orb. Blockbuster was taken to the hospital and later custody before joining the Secret Society.

    Blockbuster was seen along Signal Man who had been sent to capture Catwoman. She had just escaped from Arkham. She was blinded by Signal Man and Blockbuster knocked her out.

    Blockbuster was also seen hypnotized by a cult leader to steal magic items from Washington D.C. to summon a demon. Hawk and Dove try to wear him down, and end up chasing him from D.C. to Gotham, where he finally loses him. Hawk and Dove encounter Batman and Robin, and teams up with him. Hawk, Dove, Batman and Robin track Blockbuster down to an old warehouse. Batman and Hawk have a long fight with the hypnotized Blockbuster, while Robin and Dove take down the cult leader. They take back the magic items and the cult leader and Blockbuster are arrested.

    Roland Desmond (Blockbuster ll)

    Roland Desmond (Main Article)

    Roland Desmond inherited his late brother Mark's super-villain alias "Blockbuster" after a debilitating malady forced Roland to be treated with experimental steroids. Like his sibling, Roland became a mindless musclebound behemoth. But a bargain struck with Neron elevated Roland's intellect to genius level, which he soon put to work establishing a criminal empire within Blüdhaven, a city bereft of heroes, as a beachhead for a planned domination of Gotham City's underworld. Despite a swift and vicious consolidation of power, Blockbuster's hold on Blüdhaven's organized crime was weakened by Nightwing's heroic efforts. Blockbuster's primary goal became eliminating the young vigilante in order to insure the longevity of his criminal cartel. This was all done under the knowledge that his enlarged heart threatened to cut short his own life. Eventually, he was shot and killed by Tarantula.

    During the Blackest Night, Roland Desmond was raised by a black power ring and became a Black Lantern along with The Ventriloquist (Wesker), Magpie, The Trigger Twins, Abbatoir, Deacon Blackfire and King Snake. He joins them in attacking the GCPD Station in order to draw out Batman and Robin and rip out their hearts. Blackfire, Magpie, Blockbuster and Desmond take charge on the roof, while the Twins, King Snake and Abbatoir handle cops below. While Blackfire yells out, knowing Batman is listening, Abbatoir finds Commissioner Gordon hiding with Barbara. Before he can kill them, Gordon blows him apart with a shotgun and runs while he reforms. Meanwhile, Batman (Dick) and Robin (Damian) attack the Black Lanterns on the roof. While burning the zombies, they notice Gordon and Barbara on the roof. Red Robin swoops in, and saves them in his ship. Desmond catches onto the ship. He realizes Nightwing is now Batman and begins taunting him, calling him a disgrace of a hero because he didn't save him from The Tarantula. Dick fires the flame thrower into Desmond's mouth, causing flames to burn out his eyes.

    After being attacked in a cemetery by their parents, Dick and Red Robin are cornered by all the Black Lanterns. Robin sends in one of Mr. Freeze's ice guns, and Batman and Red Robin freeze themselves, making themselves invisible to the Black Lanterns. The zombies fly away to find new targets as Deadman breaks them out. It is believed he returned to a corpse after the Blackest Night.

    Blockbuster III

    Later in 52 a third Blockbuster who resembles Blockbuster I is shown under the control of Lex Luthor and was set up to fight Luthor's Infinity Inc. Blockbuster III escaped his short capture and killed Trajectory.

    The Martian Manhunter posed as Blockbuster to infiltrate the villain camps on planet Salvation.

    Blockbuster IV

    Yet another Meta-Human criminal has taken up the mantle of Blockbuster, with this one female. She is encountered in a Louisiana swamp by Mon-El on his journey across the globe.

    Powers and Abilities

    All of the Blockbusters have the same basic powers, super human strength, durability and stamina. Most have had below average intellect once transformed, although Roland Desmond was a notable exception to this through a magical deal with Neron.

    Physical Characteristics

    Blockbuster I

    • Real Name: Mark Desmond
    • Occupation: mindless brute controlled by criminal brother
    • Height: 7'4''
    • Weight: 645 lbs.
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown

    Blockbuster II

    • Real Name: Roland Desmond
    • Occupation: Criminal
    • Height: 8'
    • Weight: 527 lbs.
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown

    Alternate Universes/Media

    Justice League Unlimited

    Blockbuster was first seen in the episode "Kids' Stuff". He, Cheetah, Copperhead and KGBeast were robbing a gold vault. Blockbuster was also a member of the Secret Society in the series. However, after siding against Lex Luthor during the mutiny in favor of Gorilla Grodd, he was frozen by Killer Frost and blown up by Darkseid, along with the other mutineers.

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    He appeared in the "Night of the Batmen!" when trying to steal "Lady Liberty" with Bane, Solomon Grundy and Killer Croc but they are all beaten by Captain Marvel who was dressed like Batman.

    Young Justice

    The Mark Desmond version of Blockbuster first appears in the two-part Young Justice episode "Independence Day", with Mark Desmond voiced by René Auberjonois and Blockbuster voiced by an uncredited Dee Bradley Baker. He uses the blockbuster serum to fight the Young Justice made up of just Robin, Superboy, Aqualad & Kid Flash at this time. He is defeated by the team when they take out the support column of the building causing it to fall and crush Blockbuster. When the Justice League arrived he is escorted away by Hal Jordan.


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