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Block Mania is a nine-part Judge Dredd story that appears in 2000ad progs 236-244.

Written by: John Wagner and Alan Grant.

Illustrated by: Mike McMahon (parts 1-2) - Ron Smith (parts 3-6) - Steve Dillon (parts 7-8) and Brian Bolland (part 9)

When hit by a four-cred freezy whip dropped by a resident of Enid Blyton block, citizen Melda Dreep of Dan Tanna declares war on her neighbours. This trivial incident sets of the chain of events that ultimately leads to the widespread carnage of the Apocalypse War.

With the pent-up pressures of life in the overcrowded, claustrophobic atmosphere of Mega-City One, block wars are a common occurance. But when fighting breaks out between Enid Blyton and Dan Tanna, the violence spreads through the northern sectors like wildfire - swiftly descending into total lawlessness that soon engulfs the entire city.

Chief Judge Griffin entrusts Dredd to stamp out the increasing anarchy, but it is a battle that cannot be won. Justice Department is unable to cope with 800 million out of control citizens on the rampage. When even Judges defect to join in the chaos, it is apparent that something is seriously wrong. Eventually it is revealed that the madness is the work of a sinister Sov agent named Orlok, who has infected the entire city with polluted water, spread by rain from weather control.

With Mega-City One severely weakened, the Sov's strike against the city and launch the Apocalypse War.


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