Why Blob should be used better if he returns to powered state

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This blog is gonna make a case for why Blob should be used better (keep his humor but make him a serious threat). The Blob can lift at least 70 tons and like the Thing he keeps mutating which is what made him more physically stronger over the years. He has an extreme level of durability and most of his body can not be penetrated by mostly anything. Wolverine's adamantium claws being unable to and even getting stuck inside his gut. He also can plant himself and when he does he can be moved at all. Only a select few characters have successfully moved him when he was planted Hulk, Strong Guy, Colossus (though he moved the ground not him). His rude but yet funny personality combined with his incredible powers and abilities should earn him a higher spot in the Marvel Universe. Do any of you agree?

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yeah I agree,as a classic reader blob is so awesome,I read the a very strong beam from cyclops can somewhat harm him
the funny thing is in the old comics he was such a jerk he didn't wanna join the x-men or magneto and I think that was awesome,he stood up to both sides

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Heck yeah, Blob was awesome.  Definitely an underrated powerhouse.

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bring Blob B@CK!

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