Did Ultimate Blob possess powers?

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Some people say he doesn't because he didn't really do anything besides eat and surf the web during his time in the Ultimate universe but why would the Brotherhood let anyone become a member of their team if the person was just simply an obese human with no powers whatsoever? That's why I think he likely did. What do you think?

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There is really no reason to assume he didn't.  I'm not too familiar with the Ultimate Universe, but are there any instances of a mutant from 616 not being a mutant over there? 

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#3 Posted by Mercy_ (94928 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it's safe to assume that he did. 

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#4 Posted by infonation (1666 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blob: Blob is too awesome to be powerless! At least for a long time anyway...

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his super power was having the constant taste of chicken in his mouth no matter what he is eating

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Blob and Beast cybering was sure funny :P

But he had not many feats in terms of being immovable, but I would say he has secondary powers that his body can handle a lot of fat and cosumption. His son has the same powers, he fattened up in no time.

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