Age of Apocalypse Blob Dead or Alive???

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I been reading Uncanny X-Force and I think the series is amazing. There is one thing I don't get though. Is the Age of Apocalyse Blob dead or alive? During The Dark Angel Saga he somehow got to the main marvel universe and helped Archangel. Deadpool finds him and puts his sword in his mouth and stabs him. Did he die or is he somehow still alive????

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If I recall correctly... you are correct that he was killed... but he was killed once before... the teaser panel in U X-F certainly suggested that he must be up for an upcoming return... so I'm going to go with a tentative 'presumed dead' only...

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@saoakden: No, he's not dead. he is going to be in the next issue (I think) but I do know he lives.

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#4 Posted by saoakden (1285 posts) - - Show Bio

How did he survive? And when was he killed before the Dark Angel Saga?

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#5 Posted by John Valentine (16466 posts) - - Show Bio

He's definitely alive right now.

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#6 Posted by Solarflare32 (399 posts) - - Show Bio;=3 just some proof

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He didn't die Famine used his powers to make his fat go away. Nighcrawler from AOA killed him during Final Execution when they X-Force was fighting in the New Brotherhood Of Evil Mutant's underwater base & Kurt hopped on a shark & teleported into his body & it ate his intestines & killed him from the inside out.

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