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    Deceased German hero who had lightning powers.

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    Franz Mittelstaedt was an electrical technician in his homeland of Germany doing his usual tasks of inspecting the electrical power plant he worked at. During a powerful lightning storm that night a stray bolt of lightning struck a faulty generator and showered him in electricity. When Franz emerged from his coma several weeks later, he discovered that he could summon and wield electricity at will. He decided to use his power in the name of democracy.


    Major Story Arcs

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    During the Contest of Champions Blitzkrieger was chosen by the Grandmaster as part of his team against Death itself. During a battle alongside Captain America and Sasquatch he came across the mutant X-Man Storm. He quickly attacked and attempted to contain Storm in an electrical cage of his making. However he was unable to hold Storm and her superior control over the weather beat Blitzkrieger. He later assisted Captain America during the contest however his unit of operatives for the Grandmaster lost when Shamrock found the hidden piece and they all returned to the arena.

    Blitzkrieg was one of many heroes across the globe who battled the Dire Wraiths, buying enough time for Forge and Rom to banish them.

    Blitzkrieg later joined the Schutz Heiligruppe and began their pursuit of the Red Skull. Blitzkrieg was later killed by the Everyman.


    Blitzkrieger could call lightning of up to 15 million volts. He was immune to electricity and could tap electrical forces to allow him to fly, create electrical cages and shields, and track electrical transmissions. He could create a spectacular electrical tornado.

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    Blitzkrieger is able to summon lightning by mentally controlling the electrical charge of his body, other objects, and the particles of dust and water vapor present in the air. All he has to do is mentally give the air one charge (for instance, positive) and an object the opposite charge (negative) and he causes electrostatic energy to spark between them. By controlling how much matter he gives opposite charges, he can control the amount of electricity generated.

    Because Blitskrieger's lightning is generated externally rather than internally he has a greater degree of control over it. He generally does not wield lightning outside of his line of sight for fear of accidentally striking something he does not wish to.

    Blitzkrieg possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height and build.

    Personal Attributes

    Known Relatives: Anne Mittelstaedt (wife), Johann Mittelstaedt (son)


    His name was changed to Generator in German reprints.

    When he first appeared in 1982 he was from West Germany.


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