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    Blitziana is a member of the Godpack, an attempt by the Hight Evolutionary to create a new race of immortal beings in the style of the various Earth Gods.This attempt was successful. Born on Mt. Wundagore durring the High Evolutionary's stay Blitziana was modled after the thundergods of earth and most particularly referenced amdist conversation between THor and the Evlolutionary was himself. in like fashion Blitziana was given a Mace through wich she used her powers. however it was'nt until Thor broke her mace in a fight that she realized that it was only a conduit and she could use her powers without it that the fight continued. Eventually she and Thor both worked out their differences and she accompanied him to Asgard on occasion to investigate the current activities of Loki. although the current whereabouts of the group is unknown. .


    Like all members of the Godpack Blitziana has superhuman strength endurance and stamina although the limit was never be confirmed it is fair to estimate it as being towards the levels of most marvel gods which is Class 25. Blitziana's domain however was her abilitiy to project and abosorb lightning and electical energy. The only ways she has been seen displaying this is in an offesnsive manner of blasts and beams of various magnitudes. She was not shown to have the ability to fly and considering that the High Evolutionary designed them all with the intent to grow into the awareness of their powers theoretically Blitziana could come to manipulate, generate, and abosrob electrical energy in many ways.

    None of the Godpack are immortal.


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