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Blithe was once known as a valuable servant to to a vampire demon known as Carnivore. Blithe often used her light powers to reveal suppressed memories to the male-female creature known as Comet. These feelings would turn Comet into a rather Evil and Hateful angelic centaur being that would provide assistance to Blithe's evil attentions. Both Blithe and Comet would attempt to attack the Third Angel who, at that time was known as Supergirl aka Matrix. Supergirl's power overwhelmed both Blithe and Comet and during the battle Blithe was paralyzed by an Avalanche. Blithe would return to her master Carnivore in attempts to gain mercy from him in hopes he could help her. Carnivore was of no assistance to Blithe as he turn his face away from his servant leaving her by herself. As Blithe saw her master turn away from her she used her ability to Fly ( since she wasnt able to walk ) to flee away from Carnivore. Blithe would fly away to an Evil Scientist who kept the Evil half of Matrix where she would merge with the Evil Counterpart. The merging of the Evil Half of Matrix and Blithe made Blithe even stronger and cured her of being paralyzed. Blithe would then team up with Supergirl and Comet as they would face the evil master known as Carnivore. The three would be successful in defeating Carnviore by using there Angelic Powers.

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