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    Vigilante bent on improving the quality of life of New Yorkers.

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    Blistik is a rouge crime fighter of sorts, determined to preserve America's quality of life. Anyone caught disturbing the quality of life will be punished severely and this is where the problem arises.

    A group of street thugs, for example, where beaten up by Blistik because they turned on their boom box too loud. He accused them of being guilty of a "inner-city quality of life infraction". The same went for a couple of guys with a van to which Blistik blew up since that said van ran past a red light.

    He came face to face with Captain America when Blistik caught Fabian trying to take his own life by jumping off a bridge. Blistik placed an "infraction on Fabian blaming his stunt as disrupting traffic. Blistik then threatened to force Fabian to continue with his suicide attempt. Captain America interfered however and was able to talk to Fabian. Blistik then proceeded to attack Captain America stating that people like Fabian will just commit another quality-of-life offense if he should be left to live. Captain America however got the upper hand in the fight by destroying Blistik's "Flight staff"; sending Blistik falling from the bridge and into the river below

    Blistik was considered a potential recruit for The Initiative by Tony Stark after the events of Civil War.


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