Character » Bliss appears in 27 issues.

    Beauty and Beast's daughter, adorable but can change into a beast like her father once did.

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    Not much has been shown yet of Bliss's character as she is still an infant. It is known that Beauty and Beast have tried centuries to have a family of their own. It was Frau Totenkinder, that predicted her coming soon. During Burning Questions, Beast asked her what it was she was knitting, she calmly replied it was a garment for their firstborn child. This left Beauty to laugh as she wasn't pregnant, however Frau replied it would come in time. Frau offered to show them the labor of her progress, when they agree, she presented it to them. To which she quickly showed them, a cute light greenish-blue footed pajamas with a lion head sewn on the front. In addition that the footed pajamas had four arms, two legs, and a place for a tail, indicating that their child might be a monster or at least have Beast's transformation problem. Upon seeing her work, this left both Beast and Beauty flabbergasted. Eventually the couple shrugged it as Frau joking around.

    But her prediction was soon to come true. As shown in the Great Fables Cross Over, after having a brief argument with Beast about his behavior with Bigby, Beauty and her husband are shown in their tent together having make up sex. While Beast was very happy from it, Beauty herself couldn't help but feel that there was something more special about and perhaps magical. Later on in a next issue, she's revealed to be pregnant. Beauty, however, goes into premature labor in Fables #100. Beast, desperately goes to Nurse Sprat to get Dr. Swineheart. However, Nurse Sprat for the most part simply refuses to listen to his pleas and just basically ignores him, to which begins to infuriate Beast. Snow, luckily gets in between this, before Beast becomes more angered to hurt Nurse Sprat.

    But she also soon scolds her for her nasty, spiteful attitude towards Sheriff Beast and Beauty while the latter is going into labor. This however would bring out Nurse Sprat's true dark nature. But that would have to be Beast and Snow's worry later, as most attention was on Beauty and the child. After some several hours, Bliss was born. But her name was not yet given, as Beauty (still exhausted) informed Snow to tell her husband he was not name her until she was more well rested. While Beast was worried his daughter would be born deformed, she appeared to be completely normal baby girl.

    When Mister Dark, appears to come closer to the Farm, the Fables make a quick retreat to Haven. There, Flycatcher gives the couple and the newborn babe the best suite of the castle. Mostly because he found the newborn simply adorable. However, as Frau had predicted, sometime later it is shown that when she becomes angry, she undergoes a transformation into a six limbed, tailed beast. Her first sign of the transformation was when, Bliss became angry that her mother took away her favorite teddy bear.

    Since her birth, her father's transformation curse seems to have disappeared. Its believed Bliss inherited it, but its not yet been further explored. For the moment, both parents seem oblivious of her transformations.


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