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    A member and sometimes leader of DV8 who is capable of manipulating others' emotions.

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    The daughter of Stephen Callahan, Bliss, her elder brother Threshold, and their mother went on the run when her father realized the plans that International Operations had for the children of all members of Team 7. Eventually the family was tracked down by the Black Razors, and Bliss' mother was killed before her eyes, while her father was seriously wounded. Bliss and her brother were taken in by IO, who raised the children and brainwashed them to turn them into agents for IO. Her life in IO was difficult: she was sexually abused by one of the guards, and continued to suffer the effects of having witnessed her mother's violent death. She was difficult for those in charge to control, and delighted in manipulating others, often to the point of wounding them. 


    Bliss was created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and J Scott Campbell. She made her first appearance in Gen 13 #1 

    Major Story Arcs

    Gen 13 

    When members of Gen 13 escape IO, Bliss is taken hostage when she attempts to flirt with Burnout to preempt a fight. After she is released by the fleeing members of Gen 13, she is taken by Ivana Baiul, the head of the scientific division of IO, to Cabalitto Island. Bliss briefly leaves the island and travels to Rome, where the members of Gen 13 are in hiding. There, she aids them in a fight with Vatican-based superhumans. 


    Bliss returns to the Island where she is recruited into DV8. When a tracking device is implanted into her she is accidentally infected with a reptilian Kindred, which possesses her. This possession goes undiscovered by her teammates, and she is given a position of some authority within the group. She begins to spiral out of control, manipulating group members and often murdering people with whom she has had one-night stands. She also fractures the mind of one teammate, Copycat, leaving her with four extra personalities. Eventually Copycat discovers Bliss' manipulation of her mind and informs another team member, but Bliss manages to imprison both of them. The pair are released, and Bliss is freed from the possession of the Kindred by her father, who had not been killed as she had previously believed. She and the remainder of DV8 flee IO. She and former teammate Evo travel to New York, where she begins work on a criminal empire.  

    Gods and Monsters  

    Bliss and other members of DV8 are mysteriously dropped onto an alien planet. They are seen by the inhabitants of that planet as gods; Bliss takes control of an all-female tribe of warriors, who worship her as a goddess in a sex and death cult. She controls her followers as she does most people in her life, through a combination of her powers and sex. She demands a sacrifice from the tribe of Frostbite and Copycat, who refuse. She later leads an attack on Powerhaus' tribe which results in them forming an alliance. Bliss leads her army against those of Threshold and Frostbite. The battle is cut short by the imminent arrival of a comet, and Bliss joins the other members of DV8 in fleeing through a Door portal before the planet is destroyed. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Bliss is able to psionically induce states of great pleasure or pain in others due to her status as a trans-empath. She is also telepathic and possesses low-level telekinetic abilities. She is exceptionally intelligent, and a gifted seductress.

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