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Lee Hyland is blind. Born with no eyes he as made his living as what you'd call a grifter. A grifter with one hell of a gimmick. His scam is safe, secure and he has never been caught or suspected. Its profitable and he only does it when he feels like it and yet he live pretty well.

Lee has a gift that when he touches someone he can see out of there eyes for as long as he wishes, with out them knowing he's observing. Lee will use his gift to see though his marks eyes until he can get their important banking information, pin numbers, account balances, etc. He then uses that information to transfer they money into his Cayman Island account.

Lee has a seeing eye dog, Charlie that he tends to use to see out of.

Major Story Arcs


Lee is going about his grift of one of his marks, an Eli Cross, when he witnesses through Eli's eyes him assault and kidnap a young woman. Though the link Lee is able to pin point where Eli is when he begins torquing the woman. Lee takes a cab there but is too late and Eli kills the woman. The shock forces Lee to break the link and uses the eyes of his dog to see for a short time. Lee tries to catch Eli but trips over the woman's dead body just as the police arrive.

The police take Lee to the precinct where he tells James Gordon and Batman that Eli Cross murdered the woman, but only Batman believes that the blind Lee may have seen something. Before Batman leaves Lee makes contact and starts seeing through Batman's eyes.

Lee then watches as Batman tracks Eli, and then goes to the Bat Cave where, Lee sees Alfred through the Batman's eyes. Lee then watches as Batman stops Eli Cross from killing another woman, but Batman is too late to save Eli from a double cross. At some point Lee breaks the link, and released from police custody.

Lee meets Batman and explains how he sees though other peoples eyes, and that he used Batman, and that he saw Alfred, although he has no clue who Batman truly is.

When Lee returns home, where Joe, Eli Cross's partner is waiting for him. Joe tries to kill him but Charlie comes to his rescue, and Lee is able to see out of Joe's eyes for a while. Lee keeps the link even when Batman arrives at Lee's apartment. Lee then watches when Joe meets with Mr. Davis, Joe's boss. Lee watches helplessly when Mr. Davis kills Joe, knowing Lee can see him.

Batman promises to protect Lee, but needs him to tag along as Batman uses his memory of what Joe saw to track him to Mr. Davis's warehouse. While there Lee sits in the Batmobile while Batman stops the men sent by Carmichael to kill Mr. Davis.

Then when Carmichael comes for Lee Batman helps him escape.

Later Batman tells Lee that if he ever uses his "gift" for crime Batman would know and it would not be nice for Lee. Lee walks off into Gotham remembering that old adage, "No good deed goes unpunished".

Don't Blink

Sometime after helping Batman take down Carmichael, Lee meets Karen and the pair move in together. Staying legit, Lee starts running low on money and takes the government up on an offer to work for them for a time. He leaves with the agents that offer him the job but soon he realizes its not a good deal.

The Agency puts wires in his head and puts him in a sensory deprivation chamber and forces him to expand his gift to see dozens of people he never comes in contact with, and the wires funnel the information into monitors that the Agency can watch.

This is where Batman finds Lee and rescues him. But back in Gotham Batman uses Lee to help him catch the head of baby trafficking ring. Lee agrees to help Batman and the pair are able to track and catch Farell, one of the higher up in the ring, after Farell kills the real ring leader and kidnaps his daughter.

But after completing the case Lee and Batman learn that the Agency has kidnapped Karen, and are holding her hostage. Lee turns himself in and Batman tracks him. Lee uses his gift to help Batman stop the kidnappers and saves Karen's life by shooting one of the kidnappers.


Lee can see out of the eyes of anyone person or animal he touches. It doesn't matter how long ago he touches someone or how far they go away from him. He can keep the connection as long as he wishes, although once he breaks link he needs to touch them again to reenact it.

While attached to a certain machine Lee can see though several eyes at once. Also he has been able to transfer seeing though ones person eyes into someone else touching that person. In the story Don't Blink, Lee was seeing out of Carson Clarke's eyes when Carson was killed holding his daughter. Although Lee was no where near the scene he started see though Carson's daughters eyes.

While looking through his "mark" Lee can see, hear, taste, and feel everything his "mark" does.


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