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Blink and Amhyor, now revealed as being the demon ruler Annihilus, are locked up awaiting their fate at the hands of Blastaar. Annihilus attempts to explain to Blink that he has no recollection of his past life and because of his love for her he is a changed man.

Blastaar removes Annihilus from his cell and intends to force him to use the Annihilation Cannon to destory Earth-295. Meanwhile, Blink, whose powers are inhibited by the cell she is trapped in, uses a piece of stone embedded in her arm to escape and defeat her captors. It is now that she remembers everything of her past, Magneto and the X-Men, and her true name.

Blink teleports to where Annihilus is, to find him tied to the Annihilation Cannon. Annihilus tries to stop Blink from using her teleporation bolts to save both them because in doing so the cannon would be activated at the risk of destorying both Earth and the Negative Zone. However, despite Annihilus's objections, Blink successfully teleports herself, Annihilus and the cannon before it is fired. Blastaar and his troops are blown up with the destruction of the cannon.

Annihilus is saved and Blink teleports back to Earth-295. She lands on top of the kitchen table at the X-Men's safehouse where Magneto, Storm, Rogue, Iceman, Sabretooth and Quicksilver are discussing her disappearance.

A month after her reuniting with the X-Men, hurt in the middle of battle, Blink experiences a strange feeling as if her world is ending. Suddenly she is transported to completely different place - "Location: absolutely nowhere, Time: absolutely nowhen". A purple coloured female creature stoops over her, who turns out to be Nocturne. The story continues in Exiles #1.

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