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Bling (Roxanne "Roxy" Washington) was born in the spotlight. Daughter to two popular rappers, Washington had already experienced dangerous situations involving kidnappers and assassination attempts that before she even enrolled into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, all she was concerned about was self-improvement.

An overall good student who displayed much responsibility, leadership, and initiative, she was the de facto leader (if not, in fact, the official leader) of her student training squad that was mentored by Gambit.


Bling! was created by Peter Milligan and Salvador Larroca and first appeared in X-Men (2nd series) issue 171 (2005).

Major Story Arcs

Bizarre Love Triangle

Mystique as Foxx
Mystique as Foxx

When the group gained a newcomer by the name of Foxx, the entire group's dynamic was thrown off. Foxx began to blatantly seduce Gambit while Onyxx became increasingly jealous and hostile due to a crush he had on Foxx. Despite being attracted to Foxx herself, Bling confronted the group's newest member to tone down her public affections towards Gambit, as it was obviously upsetting the emotionally unstable Onyxx. When Foxx refused, Bling threatened to out the affair to the school. Foxx then grabbed her throat and began strangling her, but Bling broke free and attacked Foxx in return. Foxx got the upper hand and warned Bling not to get in between her and Gambit.

When Foxx was revealed to be longtime X-Men foe Mystique in disguise, Bling broke the news to Onyxx. Onyxx refused to believe what Bling said and nearly attacked her. However, Bling could do nothing when he tried to confront Mystique in her cell, where she rendered him unconscious with a near-lethal blow to the head.


Bling! in a brawl with X-23 and Match
Bling! in a brawl with X-23 and Match

Bling was one of the few hundred mutants to retain their powers after M-Day, when the Scarlet Witch magically removed the powers of 90-98% of the mutant population. She and the other twenty-seven remaining powered students participated in a full-on brawl, facilitated by Emma Frost, to determine who would comprise a sole training squad to receive a crash course in combat and defensive skills. Bling was not one of Frost's initial seven choices and instead remained at the Institute as a normal curriculum student.

Shortly after, the school was attacked by William Styker's Purifiers, resulting in the deaths of several students. When Elixir was suspended from the training squad for attacking a teacher, Bling was the first to be asked to replace him due to her experience working with the X-Men. However, due to the dangers of the school and the death that surrounded them, Bling refused and contemplated leaving the school altogether with Onyxx.

Blood of Apocalypse

When several members of Havok's X-Men squadron left the team--including her former mentor Gambit--to join the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Bling did not hesitate to assist the X-Men in infiltrating and investigating Apocalypse's temple, which had emerged a few miles from the school. Along with the group, they were able to diffuse the situation and recovered Polaris, who was brainwashed into joining the Horsemen.


X-Men vs Dark Avengers
X-Men vs Dark Avengers

Bling is one of the more active students to take a role in calming the riots caused by Simon Trask and his Humanity Now! Coalition's anti-mutant riots surrounding Proposition X, a pending law that would strictly monitor mutant breeding. Along with Karma and Angel, she tried to stop Frenzy and Nekra from exasperating the situation. She later tries to stop Moonstone (dressed as Ms. Marvel), who arrived to respond to the aggressive mutants, from killing Nekra. During the final battle, she and Frenzy get revenge against the "Dark" Ms. Marvel. To combat Norman Osborn's power over the U.S. government, the X-Men then move to an island dubbed Utopia. Made out of the remains of Magneto's former home base, Asteroid M, the X-Men are now within their own jurisdiction.

X-Men: Legacy

X-men Legacy
X-men Legacy

When the X-Men were attacked by the vampiric mutant known as Emplate (brother to former X-Man Monet St. Croix), the students were instructed to be in high alert and were told to never stray far from the others. Irritated with the idiocy and immaturity of Hellion and Onyx, Bling drifted off on her own.

Due to his hunger of mutant bone marrow, Emplate captured Bling, specifically for her ability to generate an infinite amount of crystalline bone marrow from her body. He then held her prisoner and fed off of her, much like he had done many years ago to Penance. Bling tried to escape and attacked Emplate and his lackey D.O.A. While she was able to.

Recently she was taken by Emplate, he stated that she reminds him of Penance/Monet. During the initial meeting, she launched her shards, one hitting D.O.A. directly in the head. Emplate has feed on her several times already. During one of Roxy's encounters with Emplate she was able to get information from Emplate by stroking his ego. Rogue went to go save her using Trance's powers.

Curse of the Mutants

'Tough Crew' - Can't be bitten...
'Tough Crew' - Can't be bitten...

Soon after Second coming the X-Men have to deal with a threat of a vampire invasion. When the invasion escilates and the vampires descend on Utopia Cyclops is ready.

He has a majority of the mutants in lock down while he kept a team above ground call "Tough Skin", which consisted of all mutants who couldn't be bitten like Bling!, Dust, Magma, Mercury, Rockslide, Armor , Husk , and Emma Frost.

The Jean Grey School

After the Shism between Cyclops and Wolverine, Bling! opted to join the newly reformed Xavier Institute, now named the Jean Grey School, lead by Wolverine.

Generation X

After the Jean Grey School was renamed the Xavier institute and relocated to New York City's Central Park, Bling! joined a group of mutants that was unofficially dubbed as the new Generation X; a group of mutants whom would not become X-Men, but instead tried to learn how to live in the 'normal' world with their supernatural powers. Bling! was not a fan of this idea, thinking she was destined to become an X-Man and she would do anything in her power to become one. She clashed often with one of her new teammates, Quentin Quire.

Powers and abilities


Bling! is a mutant with a crystalline body, granting her superhuman durability. She is able to manipulate the shape and quality of diamonds that protrude from her body, which are formed by her bone marrow, and expel them from her body at high speeds.

Given her abilities, it is possible she has limited shapeshifting abilities as well.

Other Media


X-men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Bling is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Bling!

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