Bling-Bling The Hip-Hop Ho'

    Character » Bling-Bling The Hip-Hop Ho' appears in 7 issues.

    A bounty hunter

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    Character History

    A bounty hunter who planned to replace Lobo as the most feared bounty hunter of the universe. In order to do so, she killed Lobo's then current girlfriend and became his lover before feeding his beloved Space Dolphin's to the unwitting Lobo. The realization of what had transpired, left Lobo broken and seemingly ended his career.

    Bling Bling then had Lobo hired to assassinate Nabob Abui, the ruler of Y'Abbah Dhabba Dhu. After killing the Nabob, Lobo became the new Nabob and was forced to stay on Y'Abbah Dhabba Dhu. Bling Bling then tried to kill Lobo, in order to get control over the planet and its Coproma 37 deposits which are needed to build intergalactic power chips. However, in direct combat she was no match for Lobo who refused to kill Bling Bling and instead just ripped half of her face off, believing that killing Bling Bling would be more merciful than forcing her to live with a disfigured face.


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