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    Blindside was a former SHIELD agent that joined the Harriers.

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    Brief History

    Bobbi Chase aka Blindside was a former SHIELD agent and currently a member of the Harriers which are a team of professional mercenaries led by Sergeant-Major Harold Malone aka Hardcase, a retired member of the Royal Marine Commandos. The entire team consist of Blindside, Shotgun, Lifeline, Warhawk, Longbow, Piston, Timebomb, Axe and Ranger. The Harriers came to Madripoor and were hired to snatch three mutants, Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee. Axe and Shotgun ambushed the three mutants at a Lowtown resterant where they successfully kidnapped Wolverine and left Jubilee bruised with a non-lethal shotgun blast to the chest. Psylocke and Jubilee located the warehouse where Wolverine was being held captive. Jubilee made herself look like a pizza delivery boy and managed to enter the secure area. Jubilee lit up the room with her fireworks and broke Wolverine free from his cage. Psylocke was discovered in the rafters by Blindside and the two ladies engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Blindside was in trouble when she fell for a telepathic illusion so Timebomb set off some explosives he rigged onto the rafters. Blindside was saved from her fall by her teammate, Warhawk. The Harriers had Psylocke and Jubilee detained when Wolverine appeared. Some dialogue occurred when Hardcase stepped in and everyone realized that the two were friends. Wolverine had hired Hardcase to help him evaluate Psylocke and Jubilee's teamwork and see if they could work and trust each other. This assignment worked well for Hardcase because he also wanted to test out his Harriers. Everyone sat together and enjoyed the rest of the pizza. The current whereabouts of Blindside and the Harriers are unknown.  


    Blindside was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1990 and first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men # 261.

    Skills & Abilities

    Blindside is a highly skilled mercenary and marksman. She also has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills.

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