Character » Blindside appears in 10 issues.

    Working for Walter Declun, Blindside's suit secretes a neurotoxin that temporarily blinds whoever he touches.

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    Nick Chernin was a scientist working for corrupt technology and media mogul  Walter Delcun (a.k.a. Mogul).  Chernin developed a neurotoxin called Oedipus that caused temporary blindness (for about five minutes).  Delcun and Chernin agreed to have the toxin be stolen and Chernin become the supervillain Blindside as a henchman for Delcun.  By touch Blindside could give people a dose of the Oedipus neurotoxin.  Though police did arrest Chernin for the theft, Delcun made sure the charges didn't stick.   
    Blindside spent most of his super-villain time doing thefts to help build the Mogul Empire.  In his work, he soon clashed with registered New York State superhero Jackpot ( Alana Jobson).  Later, while robbing a bank, he ended up battling Spiderman and Jackpot.  After Chernin touched Spiderman, Jackpot became involved rescuing the wallcrawler (and hiding from the police), giving Blindside a chance to escape with the money.  Later, when Spiderman discovered Jobson recieved her powers through superhuman steroids, he told her too quit or he would turn her in.  Then Spiderman argued with Jackpot until she gave him all her information on Mogul.  Jackpot had found out about Chernin's job and arrest, so Spiderman paid him a visit to see if he really was Blindside.  When the webslinger arrived in Chernin's suburban home, Nick panicked and attacked Spiderman with the Blindside glove.  Spiderman had used the information from Jackpot as well as his own blood samples to attain an antidote to the neurotoxin from Reed Richards, so the attack had no affect.  Chernin then tried to shoot his opponent, but Spiderman dodged the bullets and overpowered him.  However Blindside had a trick up his sleeve: his girlfriend Commanda was in his house.  Zapping Spidey with her armor, Commanda weakened the spider to the point where Chernin and her were ready to kill him.  However, before they could, Jackpot attacked, having tried to prove her usefulness to Spiderman by busting Blindside.  Blindside gave Jackpot the neurotozin, but Spidey had given her the antidote, so it had no affect.  The two heroes quickly defeated and webbed up the two villains, leaving them for the police.  However, when the neurotoxin combined with the steroids in Jackpot's blood, it killed her. 
    Months later, Blindside was out of prison and at the Bar With No Name (possibly being out of prison for joining the immune-from-justice Hood's Crime Syndicate)  when Spiderman and Daredevil attacked.  Blindside quickly touched the Man with No Fear, but Matt Murdock was already blind, so the neurotoxin had no affect.  Blindside was hurt badly by Daredevil and Spidey in the ensuing fight, but he did succeed in escaping before the police arrived. 


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