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Blind Boy is an ex-boyfriend of Crissy who, after two months in the country workhouse, wanted to try and win her back. It can be assumed that he has a history of violent temperament considering Crissy's friend, Judy, warned her that he was trying to find her and the fact that he was carrying a gun.


Blind Boy was created by Bob Burden for his series, The Flaming Carrot.

Major Story Arcs

Unto His Own Parade

When Blind Boy finishes working at the country workhouse for two months he decides he must reunite with his ex-girlfriend, Crissy. Unfortunately for him she had hooked up with the Flaming Carrot the night before. Crissy's friend, Judy, warns Crissy of Blind Boy's travel to her house thus allowing her and the Carrot to prepare for his arrival.

The moment in which Blind Boy reaches Crissy's house and opens the door he is assaulted by the Flaming Carrot who uses a tennis racket to hit a tennis ball into the center of Blind Boy's face, thus knocking him out. Blind Boy is left in Crissy's care after the Flaming Carrot leaves and his fate afterwards is unknown.


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