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    A demon on earth, enemy of Avengelyne.

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    B'liale was once an angel of God and a Seraph, one of God's warriors. Sometime after the Dragon led his rebellion against God, B'liale was cast down from Heaven for an unknown reason. 
    On Earth, he took the guise of Alexander Belisle and became one of the wealthiest men in the world. He also became a powerful demon lord bent on world domination in an attempt to be considered equal to God and the Dragon.  
    When he learned that Avengelyne, one of God's most powerful Seraphs, had been cast from Heaven, he made plans to turn her to his demonic side. He sent his consort H'Lana after her. Meanwhile, as Alexander, he began buying the churches of New York City, planning to opening a gate to Hell and take over the world. The final church he required was St. Augustine's, which just so happened to be the church Avengelyne was being helped at. 
    His plans of gaining control of the church were thwarted when Avengelyne warned the priests of his plans. He planned on killing Avengelyne and one of the priests, Peter Clifton, but was exorcised back to Hell with a powerful exorcism ritual performed by Peter with Avengelyne's blood.  
    Eventually, B'liale returned to New York, where his enemy the Crymelord was waiting. But when Crymelord made his attack they were all attacked by a possessed Avengelyne who sought the talismans Crymelord was using to kill demons. B'liale and Crymelord escaped with one of the talismans, agreeing to put aside their differences until Avengelyne could be dealt with.  
    Together they teamed up with B'liale's son Devlin Trask and Father Peter. They used the talisman to protect themselves from magic and to trap Avengelyne. She escaped and took the final talisman. But at the final moment, Peter's words turned her back to her faith and she defeated the one controlling her, the evil sorcerer Taliesen.  
    One day, the Dragon and God went missing. The evil angel Micah used this as a chance to rebel, taking many of the Warhost angels and the lost souls of Purgatory to wage war against the remaining angels and demons. After one hundred years of battle, the final battle of Armageddon was to take place. B'liale and his remaining forces sided with Avengelyne and the angels. After the battle was nearly won, Micah revealed he had the Dragon as his prisoner. He slew the Dragon and killed him, thus killing B'liale and the remaining demons. His last word to Avengelyne were to make sure Micah was killed. 


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