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Uryu learns the hard way that the Soul Reapers that were sent after Rukia are a lot less friendly than Ichigo. Renji defeats Uryu quickly and gets ready to finish his job with Rukia.

Ichigo finds Kon taped to the back of the toilet and learns that he knows what happened to Rukia. Ichigo and Kon find a coded letter from Rukia. Ichigo translates the letter and learns that Rukia was actually trying to run away to keep them safe. Worried that he can't help Rukia in his human form Ichigo begins to panic before Kisuke Urahara arrives and helps him turn into his Soul Reaper form.

Ichigo runs to the fight and arrives in time to save Uryu and Rukia. Unfortunately the fight starts out badly as Renji proves to be too fast and too powerful for Ichigo. Renji draws first blood in the fight, Ichigo doesn't back down though and scratches Renji's chin with his Zanpaku- to. Renji decides to be more serious and unseals his zanpaku- to and attacks Ichigo with Zabimaru. Renji looks like he has sealed his victory as he lunges one more time.

Suddenly Ichigo breaks out with incredible speed and begins to drive Renji back. Before he can close the victory though Byakuya steps in and breaks Ichigo's Zaonaku- to, Hakusui, and saketsu. Ichigo doesn't even know that he has been hit until the wounds finally bleed. Once Ichigo falls he is left for dead .

As Ichigo begins to lose consciousness he sees familiar feet stop in front of him. When he wakes up he is left staring into Tessa's face. At first Ichigo freaks out buit then he is properly caught up to the situation by Urahara who explains what has happened and what needs to happen for him to save Rukia.

Back at school it is almost like Rukia has been erased from existence. When Ichigo goes to leave school he is stopped by Orihime who admits that she remembers Rukia and wants Ichigo to bring her back. With his resolve cemented Ichigo sets out to take up the training that Urahara has set up for him.

In a flash over to the Soul Society we get to see Rukia's imprisonment and the odd relationship between her and Renji begins to surface as she mocks him and his tattoos on his forehead.

Ichigo begins his first lesson as he has to hit Shop Urahara's wallflower Ururu. Ichigo gets beaten horribly by Ururu and demands a rematch. Urahara explains that Ichigo couldn't have beaten her at his current level as she is as powerful as a Soul Reaper.

Ichigo realizes that he is gaining new powers and gets ready for the next stage of the training. At the same time Orihime and Sado have made up their mind that they too are gonna help Rukia by joining up with the mysterious Yuroichi. When they stop to try to convince Uryu to join them he refuses as he has his own training to carry out.

Back in Urahara's under ground training bunker Ichigo begins the next phase of his training as Tessa cuts off his Chain of Fate and then sits on him as Urahara psychs him out and opens a large hole under him that he lands all the way in the bottom of. As Ichigo gets up he realizes that he is now bound as Tessa has be sent down to keep him from getting tooo out of control. As he looks up to the ri Urahara explains that without the chain Ichigo will turn Hollow, unless he can get his Soul Reaper powers to awaken in him. He also informs him that he has to race against the encroachment or he won't survive.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 53 - Nice to meet you. (I will beat you.)
  • Chapter 54 - The Nameless Boy
  • Chapter 55 - SHUT
  • Chapter 56 - broken coda
  • Chapter 57 - July Rain, Interrupted
  • Chapter 58 - blank
  • Chapter 59 - Lesson 1: One Strike! Jailed at Home
  • Chapter 60 - Lesson 1-2: DOWN!!
  • Chapter 61 - Lesson 2: Shattered Shaft


  • Tite Kubo artist, cover, inker, letterer, other, penciler, writer
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Story Arcs

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