Bleach #6

    Bleach » Bleach #6 - The Death Trilogy Overture released by Shueisha on December 20, 2002.

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    Ichigo and Uryu meet head on in the final battle. Ichigo finally catches up with Uryu and demands a one on one fight. Unfortunately Uryu isn't interested and reveals that the Hollow bait that he used to summon the Hollows to the town can't be recalled so they are gonna have to every Hollow to protect the town anyways. Uryu eventually runs off and Ichigo starts to chase after him. Before he can get too far though Rukia stops him and explains to Ichigo why Uryu hates the Soul Reapers.

    Ichigo is crushed when he learns that the Soul Society is actually responsible for the destruction of the Quincies. Ichigo continues on after Uryu and declares that he will not accept that Uryu is just going to let himself die so that he can win the bet. The two finally join forces and begin to work together to decrease the Hollow population. Just when it is looking like the two have found the key to victory over the waves of Hollows a new threat rears it's ugly head.

    The two warriors are left face to face with the first Menos Grande that they have to overcome. As the two try a few different tactics they are left with a strange choice that Ichigo refuses and instead goes back to his hack and slash idea. As Ichigo closes in on the Menos Grande it releases a fierce Cero blast at him. Ichigo raises his Zanpaku- to in an attempt to stop the blast and ends up returning the blast with all it's power wounding the Menos. As the Menos disappears into the crack it left in the sky Ichigo and Uryu get a brief moment to realize that they are victorious.

    The moment is short lived however as Ichigo's powers sky rocket and leave him a ticking time bomb. In a desperate attempt to save Ichigo Uryu uses his bow to fire arrows off into the air until the energy level dissipates enough for Ichigo to be safe. When Ichigo sees Uryu destroying his arm to try to save his life he realizes he no longer has the will to fight him.

    the two try to return to their normal lives the next day but only realize that they really don't get along very well. In the girls lunch Rukia is beginning to come to terms with the fact that she may have stayed too long.

    That night Rukia tries to run from the Kurosaki clinic and then tries to find a way to get back to the Soul Society and try to fix her mistakes. Along the way she is met by two Soul Reapers that have orders to kill her. When Uryu gets thrown into the fight things start to look up for Rukia, but can this sole Quincy be enough to save her?

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 44 - Awaking to the Treat
    • Chapter 45 - Point of Purpose
    • Chapter 46 - Karneades ~ Back-to-Back
    • Chapter 47 - Back-to-Back ~ Tearing Sky
    • Chapter 48 - Menos Grande
    • Chapter 49 - unchained.
    • Chapter 50 - Quncey Archer Hates You Part 2 (Blind but Bleed Mix)
    • Chapter 51 - DEATH 3
    • Chapter 52 - Needless Emotions


    • Tite Kubo artist, cover, inker, letterer, other, penciler, writer
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