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    Bleach » Bleach #5 - Right Arm of the Giant released by Shueisha on November 1, 2002.

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    The contest is on! Uryu and Ichigo put their bets on themselves as to who is the best Hollow killer. Unfortunately there are some new players out on the field. Two major stories follow the beginning of the contest as Ichigo's friends and family get drawn into the fray.

    In the first part of the issue Sado (Chad) learns that he has gained the ability to see spirits that no one else can. That wasn't so bad until one of those spirits comes after him and his friends one afternoon. In an attempt to get the Hollow away from his friends Sado runs for a lot he thinks is abandoned only to find one problem. Karin Kurosaki and her friends are practicing soccer.

    Before Sado can think that Hollow springs into action and makes Sado stand his ground. Things don't look too promising though as Sado can't see who he is fighting. Luckily for him though Kerin can see Hollows, ghosts, and Soul Reapers, and quickly becomes his eyes. Things start too look good for the two until the Hollow proves to be unpredictable and relentless as it knocks Sado for a loop and then goes for Karin's friends.

    As Sado lays watching the monster step off after the young kids he has a flashback to when he was a child. In the his memories Sado sees his grandfather Abuelo talking to him as a young teen giving him great advise. Abuelo tells Sado that people will resent himfor being big and handsome as well as strong. He goes on to tell him that he will be resented because people don't like when they see someone with what they wish they could have and that Sado has strong fists that he should learn to use to protect other people.

    Suddenly Chad digs deep within as he realizes what he has to do. He stands and turns towards the threat. Suddenly Sado is filled with new strength as he takes a punch at the Hollow. This time however Sado has a new power that has engulfed his arm. Sado follows up his first attack with another punch that fills itself with energy that it releases as he makes contact with the Hollow, destroying it.

    As Karin steps up to check on Sado he gives her a cliche thumbs up, which mortifies her as she can't believe how uncool it is. Exhausted Sado falls over, but still even at his weakest he is more concerned with Karin than himself, which ends up getting him kicked in the head by Karin. As she runs off to find her father Sado can't help but think of that fact that Karin kicks like her brother Ichigo.

    The second story allows fans to see into the history behind of Tatsuki and Orihime's friendship. While getting ready to leave school one day something shatters the windows at the schools. Unfortunately for Tatsuki, Orihime, and Chizuru have run into a problem as a Hollow has come for the two strong soul pressures that have awoken in Tatsuki and Orihime.

    Unbeknown at the time the schools windows are broken by the Hollow's spores that it shoots into people so that it can control them. The sudden outburst is blamed on the martial arts team and because of their proxy to the incident Orihime, Tatsuki , and Chizuru are made to clean up the mess, which only makes Chizuru complain about the uncontrollable violence of the team that is blamed for the mess. As the three finish working Orihime becomes distracted and tries to get her friends to leave with her as she can see the stalking Hollow. Before she can get Tatsuki and Chizuru completely out of there Tatsuki heads back in to change from her uniform while the other two wait.

    Suddenly the Hollow attacks, infecting Chizuru who at first thinks she has only been hit by a new piece of broken glass. Without warning Chizuru turns on her crush and attacks Orihime unable to control her arm that is infected. Chizuru is joined by other class mates who begin to try and beat Orihime to death. Good fortune shines though as Tatsuki appears bringing her knowledge of martial arts against the crowd. Quickly the number of attackers begin to fall before Tatsuki's overzealous attck. At one point she demands to have someone worth of fighting.

    tatsuki's luck runs out quickly however as the infected classmates manage to get a hold of her while the Hollow hits her in the shoulder with a spore. Wounded and winded Tatsuki is tormented momentarily as the Hollow tries to intimidate her with its "power" over her fate. Unwilling to bow to her fears Tatsuki bites into the Hollow's tentacle and tries to and refuses to release it even as it lashes her. Out of fury the Hollow unleashes a salvo of spores into Tatsuki infecting the majority of her body. Orihime manages to get free of the zombie like classmates and runs to Tatsuki and tries to help her friend.

    Against her will Tatsuki kicks Orihime and causes her to vomit from the impact and precision of her attack. As Orihime takes a few blows from Tatsuki all she can do is think of how Tatsuki had always been the one to defend her in the past. Orihime recalls all the way back to when they were children and Orihime lost still had her brother. Orihime remembers how when she was young her brother had told her that she had beautiful hair, and then one day at school some of the other girls in her class attacked her and cut her hair horribly short because they were jealous. Orihime remembers lying to her brother and saying the she had wanted to cut her hair. She remembers that after her brother had died she had Tatsuki was the one who came after her and kept her rooted to the real world. She also remembers how Tatsuki was always there to protect her.

    Roles are reversed as Orihime steps up and hugs Tatsuki as she cries from having to fight her closest friend. Orhime become enveloped in a haze as her spirit powers awaken and attack the Hollow As the Hollow watches Orihime unleashes the Shunshun- Rikka (The Six Princess Shielding Flowers). At first Orihime is unsure of where they have come from, then they speak to her and reveal their true form. Overwhelmed by the complex personality of the two big shots in the group Orihime is quickly confused until the Hollow attacks, the she is taught quickly by Shuno, one of the fairy/ flowers, how to use her first shield. Using her new power Orihime stops the Hollow's spores cold using Baigon, Lily, Hingiku to make the three God Shield before receiving her next lesson the second shield. In the second shield Shuno and Ayame make the Two God reflection Shield. Using this shield Orihime heals Tatsuki to how she was before she was injured. Not finished yet the Sixth flower Tsubaki steps up and teaches her the Lone god slicing shield, which allows Orihime to go on the offensive so that she can finish off the Hollow. Exhausted from using her spirit powers too much Orihime collapse and the fairies recall themselves to protect her.

    As the manga closes Kisuke Urahara is seen walking with Tessai who is carrying Sado on his back.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 35 - Will You Be My Enemy?
    • Chapter 36 - They Died for Vengeance
    • Chapter 37 - Crossing the Rubicon
    • Chapter 38 - BENT
    • Chapter 39 - Right Arm of the Giant
    • Chapter 40 - Grow?
    • Chapter 41 - Princess & Dragon
    • Chapter 42 - Princess & Dragon Part 2: The Majestic
    • Chapter 43 - Princess & Dragon Part 3: Six Flowers


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