Bleach #4

    Bleach » Bleach #4 - Quincy Archer Hates You released by Shueisha on September 4, 2002.

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    This Volume is packed with three stories to keep a reader happy.

    The first story is all about the stuffed goof ball Kon. After several days of mistreatment Kon decides that he doesn't want to be stuck with Rukia and Ichigo so he sets off on a misadventure that leads him to several people that end up just making matters worse for him. First he runs into Orihime and Tatsuki (He's more concerned with Orihime) who are playing a new hybrid game of soccer and baseball. Not watching to what is happening Kon is first caught by the ball and then sent sailing back the other way by Orihime's batting ability. In his second chance encounter Kon tries to fall like a lost toy in front of some of Ichigo's other female class mates, but is viciously stepped on by Ryo Kunieda before Michiru Ogawa can pick him up. Started by the sudden and cold reaction Kon yelps. The sudden out burst stops the girls in their tracks and makes them begin to wonder how they can profit off the capture of the odd stuffed animal. Before they can capture him Kon makes a run for it, which makes Ryo brag about how fast she is as she takes off after him. As Kon runs from the high school track star he runs across another unexpected admirer as Sado sees him and runs after him.

    Exhausted from his misadventures Kon returns home to collapse on the front stoop of the Kurosaki clinic. Unsure of what is to come next Kon accepts his fate and waits to be found. Fortune seems to smile down on Kon as Yuzu comes to the door and finds him. As Kon is finally pampered as he has wished for the whole time he almost seems to melt into his cozy new life. That is until Yuzu begins fabric gluing flowers on his ear and dressing him as a girl. Kon realizes he is now worse off than he used to be and runs for Ichigo's room.

    Unaware that Kon was even gone Ichigo and Rukia puzzle over what had happened and try to remove the glued on flower, making Kon plead for mercy.

    In the second story Ichigo admits to not liking the massively popular new show, Spiritual Hot Springs." It's just too bad his friends and family don't feel the same way. Ichigo ends up following his family to a live action taping when he has to do something to help the blundering Don Kononji as he unwittingly makes a broken spirit turn into a Hollow long before it is suppose to turn Hollow. Before Ichigo can get across the barrier he is tackled by security and is unable to get to Rukia, who followed after him and is also tackled by security.

    As circumstance would have it Urahara is on the spot and releases Ichigo from his body so that he can turn Soul Reaper. As a spirit Ichigo tries to knock Kononji away from the spirit but he is too late as the man vanishes and reappears as a Hollow on the top of the hospital that they were filming at. To protect Kononji Ichigo drags him away from the crowd and into the waiting room of the abandoned building. Kononji complains to Ichigo that he is ruining his rep as being a hero and tries to go back out to fight the Hollow. Without warning the Hollow attacks them inside the hospital which in turn causes Ichigo to get his Zanpaku- to caught in a low ceiling. The Hollow releases a sticky fluid that glues Ichigo to the hilt of his Zanpaku- to and tries to attack Ichigo. The Hollow is stopped by Kononji who uses most of his spirit to create a blast which frees Ichigo from the ceiling so that he can take the fight elsewhere. Ichigo runs off to fight elsewhere since he can zanpaku- to while his hands are bound. Ichigo is eventually drug up to the top of the hospital where he manages to defeat the Hollow while the crowd is distracted by Kononji. After defeating the Hollow Ichigo has a new friend in Kononji, wanted or not.

    In the third tale all the students involved in the taping incident, and several who weren't involved, are corralled into the principals office by the gym teacher to explain what they were doing misbehaving at the taping. The interrogation goes awry as Ichigo and the others find different ways to sneak out and leave the gym teacher looking the villain as Rukia fakes crying. Once home Ichigo gets a visit at the clinic from his new friend Kononji. Not wanting to be seen with the odd man Ichigo and Rukia run off as a Hollow alert comes through. Incidentally Ichigo and Rukia show up and find that there is no Hollow for them to defeat, only a scared soul waiting to be cleansed. Rukia and Ichigo complain about how often the calls have been coming in as false and begin to doubt their equipment.

    Back at school again Ichigo and Rukia find out that they are the center of the rumor mills as everyone has seen the episode fo Spontaneous Trips. Ichigo also has to deal with the grades posting coming out as his friend Keigo begins hassling him about his grades. Ichigo plays it off and admits to having to study hard to make himself look less problematic to the school staff since his appearance and hot head get him in a lot of trouble. Before the he can finish talking with his friends Ichigo is scooped away by ukia as she has received another Hollow warning. Ichigo and Rukia show up to vanquish the Hollow but they are meet by a new and dangerous problem. Uryu Isshida, the last Quincy.

    The big problem with the Quincy? He hates Soul Reapers.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 26 - Paradise is Nowhere
    • Chapter 27 - Spirits AREN'T Always With Us
    • Chapter 28 - Symptom of Synesthesia
    • Chapter 29 - Stop That, Stupid!!
    • Chapter 30 - Second Contact (it was beyond the scope of our understanding)
    • Chapter 31 - HEROES CAN SAVE YOU
    • Chapter 32 - A Hero is Always With Me?
    • Chapter 33 - ROCKIN' FUTURE 7
    • Chapter 34 - Quincy Archer Hates You


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