Bleach #3

    Bleach » Bleach #3 - Memories in the Rain released by Shueisha on June 4, 2002.

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    Six years ago Ichigo and his family had the center of their universe tore out of their lives. It was six years ago Masaki Kurosaki was murdered while trying to protect Ichigo. Ichigo has kept the secret of what happened with him since then. When Ichigo wakes up on the the morning of the sixth anniversary he can't believe how long it has been and rushes to get ready for school. At school several people realize that there is a difference in his behavior and Tatsuki makes a note that he will not be at school the next day.

    That evening Ichigo and his family have a meeting to plan the picnic and anniversary of Masaki's death. As Ichigo prepares for bed Rukia begins to bother him about what him and his family have been up to. As she presses him for answers Ichigo erupts and explains that they are going to remember the anniversary of his mother's murder.

    The next day as Ichigo and the rest of his family Rukia is there to greet him and begins asking him if maybe a Hollow killed his mother. Ichigo becomes frustrated and yells at Rukia and insists that she is wrong. As Ichigo prepares to walk away he sees a familiar face and runs off after her. Before he can catch her though Rukia stops him and asks him why he ran off. Suddenly overwhelmed by his emotions Ichigo breaks down and admits that he is responsible for his mother's death.

    Before Ichigo finds his way back to the rest of his family and tries to somewhat enjoy what is left of the day, but unfortunately Ichigo is life's joke. Before he knows what is happening Rukia's Hollow alert goes off telling them trouble is in the area. Back at the grave sites a large Hollow appears before Karin and Yuzu and attacks them. Before the monster can get too settled in for his meal Ichigo shows up and recognizes that the young woman that he remembers is actually standing with the Hollow. As push comes to shove Ichigo learns that the girl is a part of the Hollow that it uses to lure in victims that can detect it's spirit so that it can devour only strong spiritualist. Realizing that the Hollow was the one that killed his mother Ichigo becomes furious and attacks recklessly. During the fight Ichigo gets seriously wounded before he can lure the Hollow in close enough to fight it back. the Hollow proves especially vicious as it uses it's hand to copy Ichigo's memory of his mother and cloaking it's bait in it. Ichigo becomes too hesitant to attack and ends up being injured again. The Hollow foolishly gloats instead that it has won and ends up being severely injured by Ichigo. Before Ichigo can finish it off though the Hollow retreats inside it's bait, which actually serves as a second body in case Grand Fisher becomes mortally wounded. Ichigo tries to follow with his wounds but Rukia stops him when he finally comes to the conclusion that he can't go on. Finally Ichigo awakens in his body, which Kon was using to cover for him, and realizes that he is worse off being too injured for Rukia to completely heal.

    As the story closes Ichigo talks to his father at his mother's grave. Isshin proves to be very glad that his wife would chose to sacrifice herself for their family. Isshin instead tells Ichigo that he expects him to live a long fulfilling life and to die old, with a woman that he loves. As the story closes Ichigo turns to Rukia resolving to make himself a better Soul Reaper.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 17 - 6/17
    • Chapter 18 - 6/17 op. 2 Doesn't Smile Much Anymore
    • Chapter 19 - 6/17 op. 3 memories in the rain
    • Chapter 20 - 6/17 op. 4 A Face From the Past
    • Chapter 21 - 6/17 op. 5 A Fighting Boy
    • Chapter 22 - 6/17 op. 6 Battle in the Graveyard
    • Chapter 23 - 6/17 op. 7 Sharp Will, Dull Blade
    • Chapter 24 - 6/17 op. 8 One-Sidd Sympathy
    • Chapter 25 - 6/17 op. 9 A Fighting Boy 2 (The Cigarette Blues Mix)


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