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    Bleach » Bleach #2 - Goodbye Parakeet, Good Night Sister released by Shueisha on March 4, 2002.

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    Ichigo Kurosaki isn't the only one getting drawn into the spirit world. Vol. 2 shows Ichigo's sister Karin and Chad getting slightly mixed up in the whole world of spirits. The trouble starts when Chad shows up at school with a parakeet that can speak and think like a little boy. Ichigo and Rukia recognize that the bird is indeed possessed by a small boy's spirit and decide to cleanse his soul. The problem is that every time that Ichigo sees him Chad is injured by some unexplained accident that would kill most people. After Chad shows up in the clinic from being hit by a car Ichigo senses the Hollow, but before he can do anything Chad leaves the clinic and begins running from the Hollow again.

    Karin suddenly becomes sick after being exposed to the parakeet and leaves school. When she is found by Ichigo Karin pleads with him to help the boy escape from the parakeet. Ichigo leaves Rukia to find Chad and take Karin home.

    Rukia catches up with Chad and begins to work with him to defeat the Hollow, but she is still too weak from her injures for the gigai to operate correctly. The Hollow begins to win against the two and even makes Rukia run so that he can enjoy hunting her down. As he is about end the fight with some exploding mini- monsters he creates back up arrives as Ichigo shows up and manages to corner the Hollow and makes it explain everything.

    It is finally revealed that the boy's spirit was forced into the parakeet, but what could make a boy want to help something as sick and sadistic as a Hollow? Ichigo ends up cornering the Hollow and gets the answer he didn't want to hear. The boy was the Hollow's last victim before he died. The Hollow was once a known serial killer and the boy and his mom were his last victims. After killing the mom on a balcony the little boy caused the killer to trip and fall to his death. Unsatisfied by how he was killed the Hollow decided that he wanted revenge. So he tooks the boy's soul and attached it to the parakeet. After that he told the boy if he could find someone that could escape him for three months then he would bring the boy's mom back to life. Unaware that the Hollow was lying the boy played along so that he could see his mother again.

    Ichigo becomes enraged at this point that Hollow has already attacked Rukia and Sado and now it was tormenting a boy through the use of his affection for his mother. The Hollow tries to use some of the exploding mini- monsters that it creates on Ichigo, but before he can detonate them Ichigo shoves his hand through the Hollow's mask and and tears his tongue/ detonator out.

    Ichigo begins to punish the Hollow for what it had done, but once Ichigo lands the finishing blow on the Hollow he is surprised to see a giant gate with two skeletons chained to it instead of the light circle that usually appears. Rukia explains that while a Zanpaku- to can cleanse a Hollow's sin for after it has turned Hollow, it's crimes while alive if heinous and evil are not able to be cleaned. Ichigo finds out that the door way leads to Hell as a giant arm reaches out and impales the Hollow on a knife and pulls it through the gates.

    After the long battle the three say good bye to the little bye before Ichigo cleanses it's soul. Chad does ask Yuichi, the boy in the parakeet, if he could carry him around and have fun with him when he crosses over.

    The second story introduces several new characters that influence the story directly and indirectly. Part two intros Kon and the inhabitants of the Urahara Shoten Shop.

    Rukia notices that her gigai is acting up and goes to her supplier Kisuke Urahara and his shop at Urahara Shoten. At the store she meets Jinta, Ururu, and Tessai before she gets to finally talk to Kisuke and receive her items. She also gets her new item to help Ichigo turn Soul Reaper without her.

    Back at the school Rukia drags Ichigo away from the class to give him the Gikongan, replacement soul. When ingesting the candy looking pills Ichigo will be turned into his Soul Reaper form and a secondary soul will take over his body and act as him while he is gone.

    Before Ichigo can object though a Hollow attack is called in and they have to run off, leaving the mod soul in Ichigo's place. While Ichigo and Rukia are off running about the mod soul starts acting oddly (hitting on girls, breaking property, and leaping to inhuman heights). When Ichigo and Rukia come back for it the Mod Soul runs off and leaves them to hunt after it.

    While looking for the Mod Soul Rukia explains that the Mod Konpaku is a replacement soul that has the ability to amplify one power trait of a person, and this one has amplified Ichigo's leg's strength to include his kicking power, foot speed, and jumping ability. She also explains that the the Mod Konpaku were slated for destruction as it was seen as unethical for a weapon to be made that could cause the trouble of seeing the dead back to life with incredible powers. Ichigo becomes upset that the Soul Society would make such a decision and kill off a whole slew of innocent souls that never even had the chance to live.

    About this time you see Urahara and his staff have assembled weapons and have also prepared to find the Mod Soul too.

    As Ichigo ad Rukia are searching the Mod Soul overhears some kids insulting and mistreating a video game character that they created which sets hi off as he destroys the game. Ichigo and Rukia continue searching and can't find the mod Soul at first, but do get another Hollow call. When they arrive they are surprised to find the Mod Soul fighting the Hollow. Ichigo and Rkia step in to finish off the Hollow, but even afterwards the Mod Soul continues to attack the Hollow.

    Ichigo become furious as the body was that was put at risk was his own and demands that the Mod Soul Explain itself. the Mod Soul explains that the ants that the Hollow was about to land on were lives to and he didn't want to see anyone else die. Realizing that the soul was only trying to get the chance to live Ichigo and Rukia begin to wonder what they should do, but Urahara and his team show up and he quickly removes the Mod Soul. Before he can leave though Rukia takes the Mod Soul back and accepts all responsibility for it.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 8 - Chasing Chad
    • Chapter 9 - Monster Vs. New Girl (Smack Down)
    • Chapter 10 - Monster Vs. New Girl, Part 2 (The Substitute)
    • Chapter 11 - LEECH-BOMBS AND MOM
    • Chapter 12 - The Gate of the End
    • Chapter 13 - BAD STANDARD
    • Chapter 14 - School Daze!!!
    • Chapter 15 - Jumpin' Jack, Jolted
    • Chapter 16 - Wasted but Wanted


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