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    Jason Wilson quickly became a sergeant after enlisting in the military in 1939. His father, Thomas Wilson, died during the attack on Pearl Harbor, where he served as a commander on the base. After that, John was willing to do anything for revenge, even put his own life on the line. If it would make a difference, there was a greater evil out there - and John dedicated his life to eradicating it.

    John's mother, Frances, was the daughter of Shadrach Danner, younger brother of a small down bilogy professor called Abednego Danner. After Pearl Harbor, Frances withdrew into herself and on John's birthday, July 20th, 1942, she walked into the ocean and drowned herself.

    John swore that if he ever got his hands on Adolf Hitler he would tear his heart out.

    Blazing Glory was re-born in 1942, less than 6 months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Born of a series of experiments inspired by the work of Prefessor Abednego Danner at the turn of the 20th century, Blazing Glory was created to be the first of many super gladiators, soldiers that would save the world many lives by bringing wars to an end.

    While several gladiators were created, only Glory received any public attentions. Only he wore the flag into battle.

    Blazing Glory hasn't aged since 1942. He has spend his time since living on military bases around the world. He was given the rang of Captain at the beginning of World War II, but by 1944 was already a Colonel. He stayed at that rank until the Iraq War, when President George W. Bush personally saw to it that he was given the rank of General.


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