Blazing Fury

    Character » Blazing Fury appears in 17 issues.

    Carla Davis is a radioactive superheroine and leader of the "Action Figures". She used to be a member of Team Supreme but was thrown out due to her sexual harassment of her teammate, Hericane.

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    She can absorb radioactivity from other sources with no adverse effects to her health. She can manipulate radioactivity in her proximity at a master's level. However the remaining radioactivity in her body can lead to radiation poisoning of people around her.

    Carla can regenerate from injuries at a rapid pace, restored to full health within less than an hour. She has enhanced vision and her eyes can perform x-ray scans of items and individuals. She can not see through lead.

    She has some experience in unarmed combat and is trained in acrobatics. She can disguise herself and is an accomplished escape artist. She is an expert at intimidating her opponents. She is also able to sense and identify the motivation of others', though this seems to be an intellectual skill rather than a superpower.


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